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Merge #7906: net: prerequisites for p2p encapsulation changes

5d5e7a0 net: No need to export ConnectNode (Cory Fields)
e9ed620 net: No need to export DumpBanlist (Cory Fields)
8b8f877 net: make Ban/Unban/ClearBan functionality consistent (Cory Fields)
cca221f net: Drop CNodeRef for AttemptToEvictConnection (Cory Fields)
563f375 net: use the exposed GetNodeSignals() rather than g_signals directly (Cory Fields)
9faa490 net: remove unused set (Cory Fields)
52cbce2 net: don't import std namespace (Cory Fields)
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laanwj committed May 18, 2016
2 parents ed749bd + 5d5e7a0 commit 83121cca7573c53a7c207c7c996ada98f931abed
Showing with 117 additions and 146 deletions.
  1. +116 −129 src/net.cpp
  2. +0 −3 src/net.h
  3. +1 −4 src/qt/rpcconsole.cpp
  4. +0 −10 src/rpc/net.cpp
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