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Merge #8288: qt: Network-specific example address

4f44cb6 qt: Network-specific example address (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
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jonasschnelli committed Jul 6, 2016
2 parents b978701 + 4f44cb6 commit 91abb77970f47b1f6166e564bc695ed30c75bb63
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  1. +19 −1 src/qt/guiutil.cpp
@@ -107,6 +107,23 @@ QFont fixedPitchFont()
// Just some dummy data to generate an convincing random-looking (but consistent) address
static const uint8_t dummydata[] = {0xeb,0x15,0x23,0x1d,0xfc,0xeb,0x60,0x92,0x58,0x86,0xb6,0x7d,0x06,0x52,0x99,0x92,0x59,0x15,0xae,0xb1,0x72,0xc0,0x66,0x47};
// Generate a dummy address with invalid CRC, starting with the network prefix.
static std::string DummyAddress(const CChainParams &params)
std::vector<unsigned char> sourcedata = params.Base58Prefix(CChainParams::PUBKEY_ADDRESS);
sourcedata.insert(sourcedata.end(), dummydata, dummydata + sizeof(dummydata));
for(int i=0; i<256; ++i) { // Try every trailing byte
std::string s = EncodeBase58(begin_ptr(sourcedata), end_ptr(sourcedata));
if (!CBitcoinAddress(s).IsValid())
return s;
sourcedata[sourcedata.size()-1] += 1;
return "";
void setupAddressWidget(QValidatedLineEdit *widget, QWidget *parent)
@@ -115,7 +132,8 @@ void setupAddressWidget(QValidatedLineEdit *widget, QWidget *parent)
#if QT_VERSION >= 0x040700
// We don't want translators to use own addresses in translations
// and this is the only place, where this address is supplied.
widget->setPlaceholderText(QObject::tr("Enter a Bitcoin address (e.g. %1)").arg("1NS17iag9jJgTHD1VXjvLCEnZuQ3rJDE9L"));
widget->setPlaceholderText(QObject::tr("Enter a Bitcoin address (e.g. %1)").arg(
widget->setValidator(new BitcoinAddressEntryValidator(parent));
widget->setCheckValidator(new BitcoinAddressCheckValidator(parent));

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