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rpc: remove duplicate solvable field from getaddressinfo

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fanquake committed Jan 17, 2019
1 parent cd42553 commit a2a6c8f4535c0c3c5f05714d64b238fc5a839233
Showing with 1 addition and 3 deletions.
  1. +1 −3 src/wallet/rpcwallet.cpp
@@ -3586,7 +3586,6 @@ UniValue getaddressinfo(const JSONRPCRequest& request)
" \"address\" : \"address\", (string) The bitcoin address validated\n"
" \"scriptPubKey\" : \"hex\", (string) The hex-encoded scriptPubKey generated by the address\n"
" \"ismine\" : true|false, (boolean) If the address is yours or not\n"
" \"solvable\" : true|false, (boolean) If the address is solvable by the wallet\n"
" \"iswatchonly\" : true|false, (boolean) If the address is watchonly\n"
" \"solvable\" : true|false, (boolean) Whether we know how to spend coins sent to this address, ignoring the possible lack of private keys\n"
" \"desc\" : \"desc\", (string, optional) A descriptor for spending coins sent to this address (only when solvable)\n"
@@ -3605,7 +3604,7 @@ UniValue getaddressinfo(const JSONRPCRequest& request)
" \"sigsrequired\" : xxxxx (numeric, optional) Number of signatures required to spend multisig output (only if \"script\" is \"multisig\")\n"
" \"pubkey\" : \"publickeyhex\", (string, optional) The hex value of the raw public key, for single-key addresses (possibly embedded in P2SH or P2WSH)\n"
" \"embedded\" : {...}, (object, optional) Information about the address embedded in P2SH or P2WSH, if relevant and known. It includes all getaddressinfo output fields for the embedded address, excluding metadata (\"timestamp\", \"hdkeypath\", \"hdseedid\") and relation to the wallet (\"ismine\", \"iswatchonly\").\n"
" \"iscompressed\" : true|false, (boolean) If the address is compressed\n"
" \"iscompressed\" : true|false, (boolean, optional) If the pubkey is compressed\n"
" \"label\" : \"label\" (string) The label associated with the address, \"\" is the default label\n"
" \"timestamp\" : timestamp, (number, optional) The creation time of the key if available in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT)\n"
" \"hdkeypath\" : \"keypath\" (string, optional) The HD keypath if the key is HD and available\n"
@@ -3649,7 +3648,6 @@ UniValue getaddressinfo(const JSONRPCRequest& request)
ret.pushKV("desc", InferDescriptor(scriptPubKey, *pwallet)->ToString());
ret.pushKV("iswatchonly", bool(mine & ISMINE_WATCH_ONLY));
ret.pushKV("solvable", IsSolvable(*pwallet, scriptPubKey));
UniValue detail = DescribeWalletAddress(pwallet, dest);
if (pwallet->mapAddressBook.count(dest)) {

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