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-Gavin's Bitcoin patches
+Bitcoin integration/staging tree
-Branches here:
+Straw-man plan for Bitcoin development (open source vets, please slap me around and help make this better):
-* svn : up-to-date mirror of the 'production' Bitcoin (from
-* monitorreceived : Implements monitortransaction/monitorblocks/gettransaction/getblock RPC commands.
-* listtransactions: Implements new JSON-RPC command "listtransactions" (from jgarzik)
-* refundtransaction : Implements new JSON-RPC command "refundtransaction"
-* master : All of the above, merged together.
+Developers work in their own trees, then submit pull requests when they think their feature is ready.
+Requests get discussed (where? bitcoin forums?) and if there's broad consensus they're a good thing, well written, match coding style, etc. then they're merged into the 'master' branch.
+master branch is regularly built and tested (by who? need people willing to be quality assurance testers), and periodically pushed to the subversion repo to become the official, stable, released bitcoin.
+We'll create feature branches if/when there are major new features being worked on by several people.
-Code is hosted at github:

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