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Fix for changed tx relay behavior

Github-Pull: #8444
Rebased-From: 2c517b3
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sdaftuar authored and MarcoFalke committed Aug 1, 2016
1 parent b8b97c9 commit cd0910b7874f9e6fbb6b15115d054a25e3abbe68
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  1. +12 −2 qa/rpc-tests/
@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ def setup_network(self):
def run_test(self):
node1 = self.nodes[1]
node0 = self.nodes[0]
# Get out of IBD
@@ -91,8 +92,17 @@ def run_test(self):
[node1.sendtoaddress(node1.getnewaddress(), 1) for x in range(3)]
sync_mempools(self.nodes) # must be sure node 0 has received all txs
time.sleep(10) # wait 10 secs to be sure its doesn't relay any
assert(allInvsMatch([], test_node))
# Send one transaction from node0 that should be received, so that we
# we can sync the test on receipt (if node1's txs were relayed, they'd
# be received by the time this node0 tx is received). This is
# unfortunately reliant on the current relay behavior where we batch up
# to 35 entries in an inv, which means that when this next transaction
# is eligible for relay, the prior transactions from node1 are eligible
# as well.
txids = [node0.sendtoaddress(node0.getnewaddress(), 1)]
assert(allInvsMatch(txids, test_node))
# Remove fee filter and check that txs are received again

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