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[Tests] Eliminate intermittent failures in
- Add race-condition debugging tool to mininode
- Eliminate race condition in test

Clear the last block announcement before mining new blocks.

Github-Pull: #7308
Rebased-From: 82a0ce0 168915e
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sdaftuar authored and laanwj committed Jan 9, 2016
1 parent 4707797 commit d513405cb71425dd615e88aca4f6222e08d150a5
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Showing 2 changed files with 24 additions and 9 deletions.
@@ -220,18 +220,20 @@ def setup_network(self):

# mine count blocks and return the new tip
def mine_blocks(self, count):
# Clear out last block announcement from each p2p listener
[ x.clear_last_announcement() for x in self.p2p_connections ]
return int(self.nodes[0].getbestblockhash(), 16)

# mine a reorg that invalidates length blocks (replacing them with
# length+1 blocks).
# peers is the p2p nodes we're using; we clear their state after the
# Note: we clear the state of our p2p connections after the
# to-be-reorged-out blocks are mined, so that we don't break later tests.
# return the list of block hashes newly mined
def mine_reorg(self, length, peers):
def mine_reorg(self, length):
self.nodes[0].generate(length) # make sure all invalidated blocks are node0's
sync_blocks(self.nodes, wait=0.1)
[x.clear_last_announcement() for x in peers]
[x.clear_last_announcement() for x in self.p2p_connections]

tip_height = self.nodes[1].getblockcount()
hash_to_invalidate = self.nodes[1].getblockhash(tip_height-(length-1))
@@ -245,6 +247,8 @@ def run_test(self):
inv_node = InvNode()
test_node = TestNode()

self.p2p_connections = [inv_node, test_node]

connections = []
connections.append(NodeConn('', p2p_port(0), self.nodes[0], inv_node))
# Set nServices to 0 for test_node, so no block download will occur outside of
@@ -303,7 +307,6 @@ def run_test(self):
prev_tip = int(self.nodes[0].getbestblockhash(), 16)
test_node.get_headers(locator=[prev_tip], hashstop=0L)
test_node.clear_last_announcement() # Clear out empty headers response

# Now that we've synced headers, headers announcements should work
tip = self.mine_blocks(1)
@@ -352,8 +355,6 @@ def run_test(self):
# broadcast it)
assert_equal(inv_node.last_inv, None)
assert_equal(inv_node.last_headers, None)
tip = self.mine_blocks(1)
assert_equal(inv_node.check_last_announcement(inv=[tip]), True)
assert_equal(test_node.check_last_announcement(headers=[tip]), True)
@@ -368,15 +369,15 @@ def run_test(self):
# getheaders or inv from peer.
for j in xrange(2):
# First try mining a reorg that can propagate with header announcement
new_block_hashes = self.mine_reorg(length=7, peers=[test_node, inv_node])
new_block_hashes = self.mine_reorg(length=7)
tip = new_block_hashes[-1]
assert_equal(inv_node.check_last_announcement(inv=[tip]), True)
assert_equal(test_node.check_last_announcement(headers=new_block_hashes), True)

block_time += 8

# Mine a too-large reorg, which should be announced with a single inv
new_block_hashes = self.mine_reorg(length=8, peers=[test_node, inv_node])
new_block_hashes = self.mine_reorg(length=8)
tip = new_block_hashes[-1]
assert_equal(inv_node.check_last_announcement(inv=[tip]), True)
assert_equal(test_node.check_last_announcement(inv=[tip]), True)
@@ -407,7 +408,6 @@ def run_test(self):
test_node.get_headers(locator=[fork_point], hashstop=new_block_hashes[1])
elif i == 2:
@@ -1004,6 +1004,18 @@ def __repr__(self):
class NodeConnCB(object):
def __init__(self):
self.verack_received = False
# deliver_sleep_time is helpful for debugging race conditions in p2p
# tests; it causes message delivery to sleep for the specified time
# before acquiring the global lock and delivering the next message.
self.deliver_sleep_time = None

def set_deliver_sleep_time(self, value):
with mininode_lock:
self.deliver_sleep_time = value

def get_deliver_sleep_time(self):
with mininode_lock:
return self.deliver_sleep_time

# Spin until verack message is received from the node.
# Tests may want to use this as a signal that the test can begin.
@@ -1017,6 +1029,9 @@ def wait_for_verack(self):

def deliver(self, conn, message):
deliver_sleep = self.get_deliver_sleep_time()
if deliver_sleep is not None:
with mininode_lock:
getattr(self, 'on_' + message.command)(conn, message)

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