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Merge #8038: [qa, doc] Various minor fixes

fa83a5d [qa] wallet: Temporarily disable salvagewallet test (MarcoFalke)
fadd048 [doc] Link to clang-format in the developer notes (MarcoFalke)
fa72f7d [doc] Remove outdated line from listunspent RPC help, fix typo (MarcoFalke)
ac40ed7 Increase timeout waiting for pruned blk00000.dat (error10)
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MarcoFalke committed May 17, 2016
2 parents 1f01443 + fa83a5d commit e2bf830bb6c1bfa038c943dd6f5d92a406bd723f
Showing with 9 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +3 −1 doc/
  2. +1 −1 qa/rpc-tests/
  3. +4 −3 qa/rpc-tests/
  4. +1 −3 src/wallet/rpcwallet.cpp
@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ Various coding styles have been used during the history of the codebase,
and the result is not very consistent. However, we're now trying to converge to
a single style, so please use it in new code. Old code will be converted
- Basic rules specified in src/.clang-format. Use a recent clang-format-3.5 to format automatically.
- Basic rules specified in [src/.clang-format](/src/.clang-format).
Use a recent clang-format to format automatically using one of the [dev scripts]
- Braces on new lines for namespaces, classes, functions, methods.
- Braces on the same line for everything else.
- 4 space indentation (no tabs) for every block except namespaces.
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ def test_height_min(self):
waitstart = time.time()
while os.path.isfile(self.prunedir+"blk00000.dat"):
if time.time() - waitstart > 10:
if time.time() - waitstart > 30:
raise AssertionError("blk00000.dat not pruned when it should be")

@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ def run_test (self):
# Check that the txid and balance is found by node1

#check if wallet or blochchain maintenance changes the balance
# check if wallet or blockchain maintenance changes the balance
blocks = self.nodes[0].generate(2)
@@ -318,7 +318,8 @@ def run_test (self):
# disabled until issue is fixed:
# '-salvagewallet',
for m in maintenance:
print("check " + m)
@@ -338,4 +339,4 @@ def run_test (self):
assert_equal(len(self.nodes[0].listsinceblock(blocks[1])["transactions"]), 0)

if __name__ == '__main__':
WalletTest ().main ()
@@ -2233,7 +2233,7 @@ UniValue settxfee(const UniValue& params, bool fHelp)
"settxfee amount\n"
"\nSet the transaction fee per kB. Overwrites the paytxfee parameter.\n"
"1. amount (numeric or sting, required) The transaction fee in " + CURRENCY_UNIT + "/kB\n"
"1. amount (numeric or string, required) The transaction fee in " + CURRENCY_UNIT + "/kB\n"
"true|false (boolean) Returns true if successful\n"
@@ -2328,8 +2328,6 @@ UniValue listunspent(const UniValue& params, bool fHelp)
"\nReturns array of unspent transaction outputs\n"
"with between minconf and maxconf (inclusive) confirmations.\n"
"Optionally filter to only include txouts paid to specified addresses.\n"
"Results are an array of Objects, each of which has:\n"
"{txid, vout, scriptPubKey, amount, confirmations}\n"
"1. minconf (numeric, optional, default=1) The minimum confirmations to filter\n"
"2. maxconf (numeric, optional, default=9999999) The maximum confirmations to filter\n"

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