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0.7.1 release notes

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@@ -19,8 +19,55 @@ Ubuntu PPA version), then run the old version again with the -detachdb
argument and shut it down; if you do not, then the new version will not
be able to read the database files and will exit with an error.
+Explanation of -detachdb (and the new "stop true" RPC command):
+The Berkeley DB database library stores data in both ".dat" and
+"log" files, so the database is always in a consistent state,
+even in case of power failure or other sudden shutdown. The
+format of the ".dat" files is portable between different
+versions of Berkeley DB, but the "log" files are not-- even minor
+version differences may have incompatible "log" files. The
+-detachdb option moves any pending changes from the "log" files
+to the "blkindex.dat" file for maximum compatibility, but makes
+shutdown much slower. Note that the "wallet.dat" file is always
+detached, and versions prior to 0.6.0 detached all databases
+at shutdown.
+New features
+* Added a boolean argument to the RPC 'stop' command, if true sets
+ -detachdb to create standalone database .dat files before shutting down.
+* -salvagewallet command-line option, which moves any existing wallet.dat
+ to wallet.{timestamp}.dat and then attempts to salvage public/private
+ keys and master encryption keys (if the wallet is encrypted) into
+ a new wallet.dat. This should only be used if your wallet becomes
+ corrupted, and is not intended to replace regular wallet backups.
+* Import $DataDir/bootstrap.dat automatically, if it exists.
+Dependency changes
+* Qt 4.8.2 for Windows builds
+* openssl 1.0.1c
Bug fixes
+* When running -testnet, use RPC port 18332 by default.
+* Better detection and handling of corrupt wallet.dat and blkindex.dat files.
+ Previous versions would crash with a DB_RUNRECOVERY exception, this
+ version detects most problems and tells you how to recover if it
+ cannot recover itself.
* Fixed an uninitialized variable bug that could cause transactions to
be reported out of order.
+* Fixed a bug that could cause occasional crashes on exit.
+* Warn the user that they need to create fresh wallet backups after they
+ encrypt their wallet.

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