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- *Rationale*: Model classes pass through events and data from the core, they
should not interact with the user. That's where View classes come in. The converse also
holds: try to not directly access core data structures from Views.
Git and github tips
- For resolving merge/rebase conflicts, it can be useful to enable diff3 style using
`git config merge.conflictstyle diff3`. Instead of
you will see
This may make it much clearer what caused the conflict. In this style, you can often just look
at what changed between *original* and *theirs*, and mechanically apply that to *yours* (or the other way around).
- When reviewing patches which change indentation in C++ files, use `git diff -w` and `git show -w`. This makes
the diff algorithm ignore whitespace changes. This feature is also available on, by adding `?w=1`
at the end of any URL which shows a diff.
- When reviewing patches that change symbol names in many places, use `git diff --word-diff`. This will instead
of showing the patch as deleted/added *lines*, show deleted/added *words*.
- When reviewing patches that move code around, try using
`git diff --patience commit~:old/file.cpp commit:new/file/name.cpp`, and ignoring everything except the
moved body of code which should show up as neither `+` or `-` lines. In case it was not a pure move, this may
even work when combined with the `-w` or `--word-diff` options described above.
- When looking at other's pull requests, it may make sense to add the following section to your `.git/config`
[remote "upstream-pull"]
fetch = +refs/pull/*:refs/remotes/upstream-pull/*
url =
This will add an `upstream-pull` remote to your git repository, which can be fetched using `git fetch --all`
or `git fetch upstream-pull`. Afterwards, you can use `upstream-pull/NUMBER/head` in arguments to `git show`,
`git checkout` and anywhere a commit id would be acceptable to see the changes from pull request NUMBER.

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