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Merge #8002: [depends] Add -stdlib=libc++ to darwin CXX flags

47eda2d [depends] Add -stdlib=libc++ to darwin CXX flags (fanquake)
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laanwj committed May 5, 2016
2 parents 42a6753 + 47eda2d commit f9b4582292e84a1b98d5e900a213f587bfc5ce3c
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ build_darwin_DOWNLOAD = curl --location --fail --connect-timeout $(DOWNLOAD_CONN

#darwin host on darwin builder. overrides darwin host preferences.
darwin_CC=$(shell xcrun -f clang) -mmacosx-version-min=$(OSX_MIN_VERSION)
darwin_CXX:=$(shell xcrun -f clang++) -mmacosx-version-min=$(OSX_MIN_VERSION)
darwin_CXX:=$(shell xcrun -f clang++) -mmacosx-version-min=$(OSX_MIN_VERSION) -stdlib=libc++
darwin_AR:=$(shell xcrun -f ar)
darwin_RANLIB:=$(shell xcrun -f ranlib)
darwin_STRIP:=$(shell xcrun -f strip)

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