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Merge #11624: Docs: Change formatting for sequence of steps
d0b1fc8 Docs: Change formatting for sequence of steps (Vivek Ganesan)

Pull request description:

  A numbered list is used when the sequence of steps matters. A bulleted list is used to denote a set of items where the sequence does not matter.

  The workflow is a sequence and hence changed to a numbered list.


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MarcoFalke committed Nov 7, 2017
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@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ facilitates social contribution, easy testing and peer review.

To contribute a patch, the workflow is as follows:

- Fork repository
- Create topic branch
- Commit patches
1. Fork repository
1. Create topic branch
1. Commit patches

The project coding conventions in the [developer notes](doc/
must be adhered to.

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