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Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. @luke-jr
  2. @luke-jr
  3. @gmaxwell @luke-jr

    Resolves issue #922 - "wallet passphrase timeout of several years doe…

    gmaxwell committed with luke-jr
    …sn't work"
    2^31 milliseconds is only about 25 days. Also clamps Sleep() to 10 years,
    because it currently sleeps for 0 seconds when the sleep time would cross
    2^31 seconds since the epoch. Hopefully boost will be fixed by 2028.
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
  1. @nomnombtc @luke-jr

    fix typo src/net.cpp

    nomnombtc committed with luke-jr
Commits on Mar 3, 2012
  1. @luke-jr
  2. @luke-jr
  3. @luke-jr

    Bugfix: Fix possible buffer overflow (#901)

    luke-jr committed
    Upstream commit: 21ae37d (partial)
  4. @luke-jr

    Bugfix: Check return value of SHGetSpecialFolderPath in MyGetSpecialF…

    luke-jr committed
    Upstream commit: 21ae37d (partial)
  5. @luke-jr
  6. @sipa

    Do not allow overwriting unspent transactions (BIP 30)

    sipa committed
    Introduce the following network rule:
     * a block is not valid if it contains a transaction whose hash
       already exists in the block chain, unless all that transaction's
       outputs were already spent before said block.
    Warning: this is effectively a network rule change, with potential
    risk for forking the block chain. Leaving this unfixed carries the
    same risk however, for attackers that can cause a reorganisation
    in part of the network.
    Thanks to Russell O'Connor and Ben Reeves.
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. @gavinandresen @luke-jr
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
  1. @laanwj @luke-jr

    In UI, handle cases in which the last received block was generated in…

    laanwj committed with luke-jr
    … the future (secs<0)
    Fixes #874.
  2. @dooglus @luke-jr
  3. @gavinandresen @luke-jr

    Checkpoint block 168,000

    gavinandresen committed with luke-jr
  4. @sipa @luke-jr
  5. @sipa @luke-jr
  6. @sipa @luke-jr

    Fix #626: RecvLine wrong error message

    sipa committed with luke-jr
  7. @laanwj @luke-jr
  8. @laanwj @luke-jr
  9. @sipa @luke-jr

    Fix #650: CKey::SetSecret BIGNUM leak

    sipa committed with luke-jr
  10. @sipa @luke-jr

    Free pwalletdbEncryption after encryping wallet

    sipa committed with luke-jr
    Fixes a memory leak.
  11. @laanwj @luke-jr
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. @laanwj @luke-jr
  2. @sipa @luke-jr

    Extra wallet locking fixes

    sipa committed with luke-jr
    * Fix sign error in calculation of seconds to sleep
    * Do not mix GetTime() (seconds) and Sleep() (milliseconds)
    * Do not sleep forever if walletlock() is called
    * Do locking within critical section
  3. @luke-jr
  4. @luke-jr
  5. @sipa @luke-jr

    Fix wallet locking locking

    sipa committed with luke-jr
  6. @sipa @luke-jr

    Macros for manual critical sections

    sipa committed with luke-jr
  7. @luke-jr

    Merge branch '0.5.0.x' into 0.5.x

    luke-jr committed
  8. @luke-jr
  9. @laanwj @luke-jr
  10. @TheBlueMatt @luke-jr
  11. @sipa @luke-jr

    Several shutdown-related fixes

    sipa committed with luke-jr
    * do not let vnThreadsRunning[1] go negative
    * do not perform locking operations while vnThreadsRunning[1] is decreased
    * check vnThreadsRunning[1] at exit
  12. @sipa @luke-jr
  13. @Matoking @luke-jr
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