Commits on Oct 17, 2018
  1. Merge #14495: build: Warn (don't fail!) on spelling errors

    sipa committed Oct 17, 2018
    c32cf6a Add ignored word: mut (practicalswift)
    4ae50da Revert "qa: Fix codespell error and have lint-spelling error instead of warn" (practicalswift)
    Pull request description:
      Revert `codespell` policy change introduced in #14179.
      Context: #13954 (comment)
    Tree-SHA512: 4606b19bb32cdd661f90b3778759818d3493e5ed1a4a2f95982f07eeb6b9c889bc8d53cde31706e0a3b9524c3d3a7378f1b769a60baeb0d00da4c68fd3068114
Commits on Oct 8, 2018
  1. Stop requiring imported pubkey to sign non-PKH schemes

    sipa committed Oct 6, 2018
Commits on Sep 5, 2018
  1. Replace duplcate reference with reference to reference doc

    sipa committed Sep 5, 2018
  2. Adjust TODO link

    sipa committed Aug 28, 2018
Commits on Aug 14, 2018
  1. Add PSBT documentation

    sipa committed Jul 31, 2018
Commits on Aug 13, 2018
Commits on Jul 31, 2018
Commits on Jul 30, 2018
Commits on Jul 27, 2018
  1. Descriptor tests

    sipa committed Jul 16, 2018
  2. Output descriptors module

    sipa committed Jul 5, 2018
  3. Add simple FlatSigningProvider

    sipa committed Jul 12, 2018
  4. Add more methods to Span class

    sipa committed Apr 23, 2018
    This introduces a rudimentary begin(), end(), operator[], and subspan to Span.
Commits on Jul 19, 2018
Commits on Jul 16, 2018
  1. Merge #13298: Net: Bucketing INV delays (1 bucket) for incoming conne…

    sipa committed Jul 16, 2018
    …ctions to hide tx time
    d45b344 Bucket for inbound when scheduling invs to hide tx time (Gleb)
    Pull request description:
      It has been brought up to my attention that current random delays mechanism (originally intended to obfuscate transaction metadata) allows to easily estimate the time a transaction was received by a node.
      It may be done by connecting multiple observer nodes to the same node. Each of those nodes will generate its own schedule of delays. Combined metadata regarding those events from different sources allows an observer to estimate transaction time.
      After this patch a spy won't gain additional information by just creating multiple connections to a target.
    Tree-SHA512: c71dae5ff350b614cb40a8e201fd0562d3e03e3e72a5099718cd451f0d84c66d5e52bbaf0d5b4b75137514c8efdedcc6ef4df90142b360153f04ad0721545ab1
Commits on Jul 14, 2018
  1. Merge #13072: Update createmultisig RPC to support segwit

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    f40b3b8 [tests] functional test for createmultisig RPC (Anthony Towns)
    b9024fd segwit support for createmultisig RPC (Anthony Towns)
    d58055d Move AddAndGetDestinationForScript from wallet to outputype module (Anthony Towns)
    9a44db2 Add outputtype module (Anthony Towns)
    Pull request description:
      Adds an "address_type" parameter that accepts "legacy", "p2sh-segwit", and "bech32" to choose the type of address created. Defaults to "legacy" rather than the value of the `-address-type` option for backwards compatibility.
      As part of implementing this, OutputType is moved from wallet into its own module, and `AddAndGetDestinationForScript` is changed to apply to a `CKeyStore` rather than a wallet, and to invoke `keystore.AddCScript(script)` itself rather than expecting the caller to have done that.
      Fixes #12502
    Tree-SHA512: a08c1cfa89976e4fd7d29caa90919ebd34a446354d17abb862e99f2ee60ed9bc19d8a21a18547c51dc3812cb9fbed86af0bef2f1e971f62bf95cade4a7d86237
  2. Merge #13651: [moveonly] Extract CWallet::MarkInputsDirty, and privat…

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    …ize AddToWalletIfInvolvingMe
    17e6aa8 Privatize CWallet::AddToWalletIfInvolvingMe (Ben Woosley)
    b7f5650 Extract CWallet::MarkInputsDirty (Ben Woosley)
    Pull request description:
      Thus reducing code and surface area of CWallet.
    Tree-SHA512: 31a99acc77ef3438ef9b95d60030972b707bd69d6e7b1498a5f776b219d9aabc83464f75bfec7bad5cb635d0b2d686c389914e5cc57a4bb0b93c47bd82ca608c
  3. Merge #11658: During IBD, when doing pruning, prune 10% extra to avoi…

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    …d pruning again soon after
    ac51a26 During IBD, when doing pruning, prune 10% extra to avoid pruning again soon after (Luke Dashjr)
    Pull request description:
      Pruning forces a chainstate flush, which can defeat the dbcache and harm performance significantly.
      Alternative to #11359
    Tree-SHA512: 631e4e8f94f5699e98a2eff07204aa2b3b2325b2d92e8236b8c8d6a6730737a346e0ad86024e705f5a665b25e873ab0970ce7396740328a437c060f99e9ba4d9
  4. Merge #13417: [net] Tighten scope in net_processing

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    3339ba2 Make g_enable_bip61 a member variable of PeerLogicValidation (Jesse Cohen)
    6690a28 Restrict as much as possible in net_processing to translation unit (Jesse Cohen)
    1d4df02 [move-only] Move things only referenced in net_processing out of header file (Jesse Cohen)
    02bbc05 Rescope g_enable_bip61 to net_processing (Jesse Cohen)
    Pull request description:
      As part of a larger effort to decouple net_processing and validation a bit, these are a bunch of simple scope cleanups. I've moved things out of the header file that are only referenced in net_processing and added static (or anonymous namespace) modifiers to everything possible in net_processing.
      There are a handful of functions which could be static except that they are exposed for the sake of unit testing - these are explicitly commented. There has been some discussion of a compile time annotation, but no conclusion has been reached on that yet.
      This is somewhat related to other prs #12934 #13413 #13407 and will be followed by prs that reduce reliance on cs_main to synchronize data structures which are translation unit local to net_processing
    Tree-SHA512: 46c9660ee4e06653feb42ba92189565b0aea17aac2375c20747c0d091054c63829cbf66d2daddf65682b58ce1d6922e23aefea051a7f2c8abbb6db253a609082
  5. Merge #13566: Fix get balance

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    702ae1e [RPC] [wallet] allow getbalance to use min_conf and watch_only without accounts. (John Newbery)
    cf15761 [wallet] GetBalance can take a min_depth argument. (John Newbery)
    0f3d6e9 [wallet] factor out GetAvailableWatchOnlyBalance() (John Newbery)
    7110c83 [wallet] deduplicate GetAvailableCredit logic (John Newbery)
    ef7bc88 [wallet] Factor out GetWatchOnlyBalance() (John Newbery)
    4279da4 [wallet] GetBalance can take an isminefilter filter. (John Newbery)
    Pull request description:
      #12953 inadvertently removed the functionality to call `getbalance "*" <int> <bool>` to get the wallet's balance with either minconfs or include_watchonly.
      This restores that functionality (when `-deprecatedrpc=accounts`), and also makes it possible to call ``getbalance minconf=<int> include_watchonly=<bool>` when accounts are not being used.
    Tree-SHA512: 67e84de9291ed6d34b23c626f4dc5988ba0ae6c99708d02b87dd3aaad3f4b6baa6202a66cc2dadd30dd993a39de8036ee920fcaa8cbb1c5dfe606e6fac183344
  6. Merge #13659: build: add missing leveldb defines

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    768981c build: add missing leveldb defines (Cory Fields)
    Pull request description:
      Fixes #13585.
      src/leveldb/build_detect_platform shows how upstream defines them.
      These platform may not be able to fully build or run Bitcoin Core, but defining all known to leveldb saves future hassle.
      Now that all possible platforms are enumerated, specifying an unknown one is an error.
    Tree-SHA512: 89adfb8867248e50d713cb84485c72a398df8b2af467599cf292132342b5b47f01be3a298ca33e382e210004123aa72a6338bc911d38d40d8ceaef5083e0b025
  7. Merge #13630: Drop unused pindexRet arg to CMerkleTx::GetDepthInMainC…

    sipa committed Jul 14, 2018
    d6f39b6 Drop unused pindexRet arg to CMerkleTx::GetDepthInMainChain (Ben Woosley)
    Pull request description:
    Tree-SHA512: 5f064a47e71113f90f296ab36dae92173ff3fc632ab4e1e85dc71d556cb9239d15939b1e542f4292dab93d336795b7f2e4ae64f6984303c852df8d24f54ccebe