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Man page is out of date #1040

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We have a manpage in ./contrib/debian/manpages/bitcoind.1 (surprise!), but it's very out of date.

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This is one of the things that will be eternally out of date, and as long as its under contrib/debian it is not up to us to maintain it.

Debian probably has a newer one though, see:

  • Extend Files section for debian-provided manpages to cover upstream shipped duplicate below contrib/debian.

It could be that it had to be relicensed from GPLv3 last time.

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I still think the manpages should become a first-class part of the repository and also installed on 'make install', instead of inside the contrib/debian/ 'ghetto'.

It is possible to generate part of it automatically from --help output.

Also it probably shouldn't aim to list all the RPC commands, as there are too many of them. Also as bitcoind doesn't work as a RPC client anymore in the first place...

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