should 'importprivkey' immediately show imported transactions in the client? #1073

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I just tried to send funds from a remote wallet back to my local one, but miscalculated how much to send to allow for the transaction fee and ended up with sub-cent change in the remote wallet. I decided to use the new 'dumpprivkey' and 'importprivkey' commands to bring the sub-cent change home.

After running 'importprivkey' and waiting for it to finish, I can see the coin in the 'coincontrol' tab, but it's not showing up in either 'overview' or 'transactions'.

I shut down and restarted the client and now see it in both 'overview' and 'transactions'.

Is it to be expected that I should have to restart the client before pre-existing transactions on imported private keys show up?

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Tagged this as a low-priority bug, because it fixes itself and using importprivkey via the RPC interface is a geek-only, seldom-used feature.


This is fixed. A blank wallet importing a private key now brings up the taskbar receive notification and the overview and transactions tabs are populated with correctly-dated transactions once rescan is complete.

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Thanks qubez

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