multiple balances (a.k.a. watch any bitcoin addresses) #1162

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I would like to be able to have different balances displayed based upon different groups of bitcoin addresses.

It would also be nice to be able to see activity for bitcoin addresses for which I do not hold the private key (or if it is stored only offline) - this would enable me for example, to see transactions to addresses hosted by ewallets.

This feature would especially be useful if combined with another feature [raise audible notification when n (e.g. 6) confirmations received on a transaction].

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Yes, this is part of multiple wallet support. Some wallets could be 'read-only'.


Which is more likely to occur first? Multiple wallet support or splitting the wallet+gui from the blockchain+net?

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See #4045.
Multi-wallet support is not on the roadmap anymore, but watch-only is planned to be in next major release.


i think it wouldn't be so hard to extend the watchonly code to be able to differentiate between arbitrary groups of addresses.
it's not something i intend to do though, sorry.

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