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code to "request last block in an inv bundle (even if we already have it)" does not work. #1185

rebroad opened this Issue · 4 comments

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in main.cpp, there is a section that adds to the "askfor" queue a block where AlreadyHave() returns true. Then later when the code retrieves the queue, it erases it without actioning it due to AlreadyHave() returning true.

Which bit of code is incorrect? The adding to the queue part, or the actioning the queue part?


You can make comments inside the actual code. I'm not sure which part you're talking about now.


ah.. good idea... using github? do I need to find the commit that added the code first?

(by the way, my bitcoin is still reporting 0.6.0rc4, even though I've merged with the latest master - any idea how to get it to use the correct tag please? - sorry for asking in here - no forum access)


That's how you can link (this is line 2 in main.cpp from current master):


@sipa, the commit in question that introduced the code (which I maintain doesn't do what it says it does) is this: 0aa89c0

@rebroad rebroad closed this
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