Bitcoin 0.5 rc3: Gui suggestions #627

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1- I think should have an option to show only icons and hide names on tabs.
2- On (receive coins window) I think should have a column called (Amount) so we could see how much bitcoins we have on each address.


3- On transactions tab, If I (filter by type) and choose (Sent to) I think somewhere at the bottom should show total of bitcoins Sent to.
Samething for others filters like Received with and...


4- I think the Address Book tab should have a (Amount column) too


5- I moved the tabs to (vertical left) position but when I closed bitcoin and reopened it, the tabs was again on (Horizontal) position.


6- On Overview tab, the (Number of transactions) should be a link, that when user click on it, it's redirected to Transactions tab.
7- On Overview tab, should show total of address on Address Book ( the text should be a link that when clicked be redirected to Address Book tab)
8- On Overview tab should show total of receive coins ( the text should be a link that when clicked be redirected to Receive coins tab)


9- On Bitcoin transactions tab have a column called date. (It show the date bitcoins was received). I think should have a column that show the date the bitcoin was sent to us.
10- Option to customize the columns we want to be showed or hidden, and the position too.

codler commented Dec 21, 2011

9- I agree, and #588 might have something to do with this.

@laanwj laanwj was assigned Feb 14, 2012
laanwj commented May 30, 2013
  1. NAK - I'm against aesthethic-only settings as they add extra testing work for very little gain. Ideally these kind of preferences should be configured at the level of Qt or the operating system.

2,4) NAK -- bitcoin-qt works at the "wallet" abstraction, it has no concept of "balance of an address"

  1. Statistics on transaction list search could be weakly useful

  2. Apart from the window position, the state of the GUI is not being remembered between program starts. I guess remembering the tab position could be added.

  3. NAK - number of transactions has been removed from the overview tab

7,8) Totals send and/or received could be added to overview page

  1. When a transaction made it into a block, it could show the block date. I remember @luke-jr did some work in this direction with "smart dates" (CWallet::nTimeSmart). I'm not sure there is any reason to not show those in the GUI instead.

  2. NAK - too much configurability and room to mess up, IMO should just have a sensibile default

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