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Right now, the %APPDATA\Roaming\Bitcoin folder is about 2GB. I think it would be good if there was a way to configure where Bitcoin's information is stored.

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Doesn't -datadir work?


I was thinking a gui option in bitcoin-qt. Does -datadir need to be specified with every run of the program, or does the setting get saved somewhere?


@Skinkworks: no, it needs to be specified on every startup. coincidentally, datadir also specifies where bitcoin.conf is, which causes a chicken-and-egg problem about where to save settings.


As Bitcoin-Qt does not save settings from the optionsdialog in the datadir it should be possible to implement this, but priority for this is rather low.


I would also like to +1 this option. Ideally I'd like the datadirectory to be inside the installation directly. Especially when using the 'portable' ".zip" version, it would be nice to have it all localized, aka, not use any external directories. I was thinking by default it should try "%installation_dir%\data\" :). Then again I hate the idea of the %appdata% gimic for any app.

Having it configurable via gui would be a nice compromise though. I also seen another suggestion via "private" and "public" data. It'd be nice to separate this so it's like "wallet.dat + personalized settings/labels" in folder a, and "blockchain stuff" in folder b. It'd be easier for new people to know what needs to be backed up. By default they can be the same directory (as is now).

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The problem is that, by the time you get the UI, the datadir will already have been created and filled.

The only way around this would be to have a 'first use' screen in which the datadir can be selected (as, indeed, as @Diapolo says, the Qt settings are not stored in the datadir).


Since vista we can use symbolic links with the command line (with admin rights) MKLINK /D linkname targetfolder . In that case, it will do something like MKLINK /D %AppData%\Bitcoin Z:\BitcoinData , where Z:\BitcoinData\Bitcoin is the new folder for the data. You need to stop the bitcoin programs and to move the Bitcoin folder in this new emplacement before to perform the command.

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Setting the data directory after installation has been possible since #2670 was merged

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