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Transaction time in the cient #754

ptmhd opened this Issue Jan 11, 2012 · 5 comments

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ptmhd commented Jan 11, 2012

"transaction" shows the date/time at which the client received the block which contains the transaction, not the timestamp when the transaction made it into the block.

can be reproduced by sending bitcoins to a client that is offlne. later that client synchronizes the blockchain with the network and the transaction appears in the client with the date/time when the block was received and not with the time & date of the transaction reception by a miner (or block creation) as expected. that is inconvenient and confusing.

I searched the open/closed issues but could not find this one.
version affected 0.5 qt

ptmhd commented Jan 13, 2012

thanks for the link, there're at least 2 more threads dedicated to this since version 0.5 but you posted the newest one. I'm just not able to write the patch. I'm willing to test (p.ex. delete my testnet blockchain and download it again to see if the times are ok) and I opened an issue (as Gavin suggested as preferred method of reporting things).

Opensource in the 1990s: "this is broken, here's a patch to fix it".
In the 2000s: "this is broken, you should fix it"

@laanwj laanwj was assigned Sep 21, 2012
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laanwj commented Sep 25, 2012

@luke-jr I suppose this can be solved with the new "smart times"?

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luke-jr commented Sep 25, 2012

Not really. An offline client can never know more than the time it was accepted into the block.

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laanwj commented Sep 25, 2012

Then I suppose the most we can do is show all the times (ie, block time, first seen, etc) in the transaction details.

@laanwj laanwj closed this Feb 24, 2014
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