Force user to wait before clicking OK to send coins #785

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TheBlueMatt commented Jan 26, 2012

As a part of #593 Gmaxwell suggested that the send coins confirmation dialog delay several seconds before it allows the user to click OK, similar to the way firefox does plugin installation. Though I found it to fall outside the scope of #593, it is still a good suggestion that should be implemented if someone has the free time and motivation.


laanwj commented Feb 9, 2012

Would this always apply or only when the send commands came in from outside through bitcoin URLs?


TheBlueMatt commented Feb 9, 2012

Could be done either way, really up to the implementer, but I would argue always doing it would be the way to go.

@laanwj laanwj added Feature and removed Refactoring labels Feb 9, 2016


MarcoFalke commented May 10, 2016

Fixed by @Tyler-Hardin in #8012.

MarcoFalke closed this May 10, 2016

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