'sendfrom' used incorrect account name one time #909

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dooglus commented Feb 28, 2012

Every day or two I run a script to move bitcoins between local and remote wallets. The script hasn't been changed since 16th Feb, but one time when I ran it a few days ago it sent coins from the "" account, not the one I told it to.

The script runs:
bitcoind sendfrom name $address $amount

which should debit the "name" account. And every time except for one that's what it did. Now, however, if I check the balance of the "name" account, it is too high by the amount I transferred the time it went wrong, and if I "listtransactions" the transaction in question has:
. "account" : "",
instead of
. "account" : "name",

I don't know how to get this to happen again - it's been fine for 6 months, only going wrong this one time. It has been working again since the time it went wrong.

I doubt it matters, but this is the script I use. It's in a Makefile, so most of the $'s are doubled up:

@x=$$($(BITCOIND) getbalance name 0) || exit;
echo $$x | sed -E 's/[.]?00000000$$//';
echo -n "amount: "; read Y; Y0=$$Y"00000000";
echo "send $$Y BTC to $(ADDRESS)?";
echo -n "wallet passphrase: "; read X; echo;
$(BITCOIND) walletpassphrase "$$X" 300 &&
($(BITCOIND) sendfrom name $(ADDRESS) $$Y;
$(BITCOIND) walletlock;
ssh server "echo "$$(date) - received $$Y BTC at $(ADDRESS)" >> wallet.log";
$(BITCOIND) getbalance name 0 |
sed 's/00000000$$//')


laanwj commented Nov 4, 2013

Closing this, as it is a one-time issue that was never reproduced for two years.

laanwj closed this Nov 4, 2013

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