Wallet encryption has extra 0x10 bytes on the end of keys #933

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TheBlueMatt commented Mar 12, 2012

Found by etotheipi, likely due to this comment being wrong:
This hurts security by making it easier to brute force, but not significantly, should be easily fixable.

sipa added a commit to sipa/bitcoin that referenced this issue Mar 19, 2012

Use unpadded encryption for wallet keys (fixes #933)
Wallet keys are 32 bytes, exactly two AES blocks. Using padded encryption
makes attacking somewhat easier, as the attacker can check whether the
padding is correct after decrypting using an attempted passphrase, rather
than needing to do an EC multiplication to check whether the private and
public keys match.

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laanwj Dec 23, 2013


(fixed by c682cdf two years ago...)


laanwj commented Dec 23, 2013

(fixed by c682cdf two years ago...)

ptschip added a commit to ptschip/bitcoin that referenced this issue Jan 24, 2018

Continue to the next node after getting a socket error (#933)
* Continue to the next node after getting a socket error

Do not attempt to read any more bytes from a socket that had
and error and has been issued an fDisconnect.

* If we have been issued an fDisconnect then don't try to send any messages

It's possible that the socket associated with this node had an error
when bytes were being read in and was issued an fDisconect. If true
there is no need to try to send messages out on this connection.
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