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rebroad commented Mar 12, 2012

Transactions shows amounts in and out, but I think it would be useful to have a column showing the balance history after each transaction.

Hmmmm. I will look into this. Will update you on this in a min or so.


laanwj commented Mar 30, 2013

Discussion from IRC today, in case anyone wants to pick this up:

<wumpus> wasn't the problem that transactions don't have a fixed order?
<bitnumus> no dates stored in blockchain ?
<Luke-Jr> wumpus: they do now
<wumpus> you're not exactly the first to propose this
<Luke-Jr> sortof
<wumpus> Luke-Jr: ok, cool, so now it should be possible then
<sipa> wumpus: even if not, only non-confirmed transactions' internal order can change
<sipa> and only the top-N can be reverted
<Luke-Jr> sipa: only if the user does a salvagewallet
<Luke-Jr> doesn't do*
<sipa> Luke-Jr: what if you have 2 non-confirmed ones, and the latest of them makes it into a block flbefore the other?
<Luke-Jr> sipa: the order remains the same
<wumpus> but indeed, as soon as the transactions are in the block chain they have a fixed order
<wumpus> barring reorganizations etc
<Luke-Jr> wumpus: not necessarily the order used by the client
--> andytoshi (~username@gateway/tor-sasl/andytoshi) is #bitcoin-dev binnengekomen
<sipa> Luke-Jr: what if the other is doublespent?
<Luke-Jr> sipa: double spending is not supported at all by the client..
<python-n00b> How much Keys do the Bitcoin-qt software support?
<sipa> wumpus: thebonly real accounting is making a ledger of changes, rather than actual bitcoin transactions
<andytoshi> python-n00b: finite but unbounded
<python-n00b> for example 1000000000 adress??
<andytoshi> python-n00b: the software supports it, but it may be very slow
<sipa> wumpus: i.e. add a +N ledger entry the moment you get 6 confirms on a transaction, and do a counteracting -N one if it gets reorged
<andytoshi> i'm not sure if there are any benchmarks published..
<sipa> python-n00b: 10000's is certainly doable
--> talengix (~talengix@ is #bitcoin-dev binnengekomen
--> safra (~dani@ is #bitcoin-dev binnengekomen
<wumpus> sipa: indeed, so the ledger would be a separate thing from the transaction list
<wumpus> and would have to be stored in the wallet separately
<sipa> indeed
<sipa> but it would be guaranteed to be append-only
<wumpus> bitnumus: so, now you understand why it's non-trivial
<wumpus> it's far from simply adding a column
<python-n00b> oh

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laanwj commented Sep 25, 2014

Closing this; would be better to implement this in one of the SPV wallets that are actually used by people.

laanwj closed this Sep 25, 2014

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