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Uninstaller should have option to remove data (except for wallet) #993

gavinandresen opened this Issue Mar 26, 2012 · 7 comments

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Install and then run Bitcoin-Qt.
Then quit and uninstall.

RESULT: C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\locale folder is left behind.
RESULT: %APPDATA%\Bitcoin\addr.dat, .lock, db.log, debug.log, etc left behind

I'd expect everything except wallet.dat to be removed (and it would be nice if there was an uninstall checkbox, NOT checked by default, to remove the wallet, too).

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luke-jr commented Mar 26, 2012

IMO, anything that removes wallet.dat should probably send a decrypted-from-user encrypted-to-developers copy to some server. Otherwise, I can see people misreading the checkbox label and destroying coins all too easily...

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laanwj commented Mar 26, 2012

I have no clue where the locale/ directory comes from. Could be a Qt issue, but it's not being created on linux, and I don't remember seeing it before when running my own windows compiles... probably a remnant from the Wx UI which had locales in a separate directory

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Thanks @laanwj; I'll test some more, and if it is a Wx bitcoin remnant I'll have the 0.6 installer remove it, too.

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Fixed in 0.6rc5.

EDIT: re-opened, only partially fixed, it should still remove everything except for wallet.dat and bitcoin.conf from %APPDATA%\Bitcoin

@gavinandresen gavinandresen reopened this Mar 28, 2012

careful— removing the db logs when bitcoin was shutdown uncleanly may make the wallet unreadable.

Diapolo commented Sep 21, 2012

Is there still work to be done here? I simply can't tell as I never use the installer.

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laanwj commented Feb 24, 2014

An option to the uninstaller to remove data (except for the wallet) would make sense. However, this should not be the default behavior because people may want to uninstall one version to install another (for example remove a 32-bit version to install the 64-bit one).

@laanwj laanwj changed the title from Windows uninstall leaves locale\ directory, %APPDATA\Bitcoin\... to Uninstaller should have option to remove data (except for wallet) Apr 23, 2014
@laanwj laanwj added Improvement and removed Bug labels Apr 23, 2014
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