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High-priority for review

Updated Mar 21, 2019

These either block other important work in progress, or are necessary for backport to a minor release. Also includes a list of PRs that are in a mergeable state.


Updated Dec 23, 2017

Libconsensus is a library to expose functionality to validate transactions against the bitcoin consensus rules to third-party applications. Future plans include an API for block validation, to expose more of the consensus code required for full validation and keeping track of the UTXO set.

P2P refactor

Updated Feb 21, 2019

Refactor the P2P code and migrate the current hand-rolled event-based networking code to libevent. Project lead: @theuni

Boost → C++11 migration

Updated Jan 17, 2019

Ongoing project to use C++11 functionality instead of Boost where possible. The long term future goal is to remove Boost as a dependency.

Multiwallet support

Updated Mar 2, 2019

Add support for handling multiple separate wallets at the same time in bitcoind RPC as well as in the GUI.

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