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P2P encryption

Updated Nov 20, 2021

Project concerning P2P transport encryption (BIP324)

Mempool improvements

Updated Mar 17, 2021

Improvements in transaction handling and privacy

guix build

Updated Sep 17, 2021

Move deterministic builds from gitian to guix

Assume UTXO

Updated Nov 9, 2021

No description

High-priority for review

Updated Nov 25, 2021

These either block other important work in progress, or are necessary for backport to a minor release. Also includes a list of PRs that are in a mergeable state.

Description of columns:

  • "Blockers" are either new features or refactoring changes required for new features
  • "Chasing Concept ACK" are changes looking for conceptual review, should be tagged with the label "Needs conceptual review". They can contain issues.
  • "Bugfixes" can optionally be tagged with the label "Needs backport" in case they are meant for a minor release.