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RPC: Add username and ip logging for RPC method requests #12778

merged 1 commit into from Mar 27, 2018
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Just for now

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@@ -158,8 +158,9 @@ static bool HTTPReq_JSONRPC(HTTPRequest* req, const std::string &)

JSONRPCRequest jreq;
jreq.peerAddr = req->GetPeer().ToString();
if (!RPCAuthorized(authHeader.second, jreq.authUser)) {
LogPrintf("ThreadRPCServer incorrect password attempt from %s\n", req->GetPeer().ToString());
LogPrintf("ThreadRPCServer incorrect password attempt from %s\n", jreq.peerAddr);

/* Deter brute-forcing
If this results in a DoS the user really
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@@ -367,7 +367,11 @@ void JSONRPCRequest::parse(const UniValue& valRequest)
if (!valMethod.isStr())
throw JSONRPCError(RPC_INVALID_REQUEST, "Method must be a string");
strMethod = valMethod.get_str();
LogPrint(BCLog::RPC, "ThreadRPCServer method=%s\n", SanitizeString(strMethod));
if (fLogIPs)
LogPrint(BCLog::RPC, "ThreadRPCServer method=%s user=%s peeraddr=%s\n", SanitizeString(strMethod),
this->authUser, this->peerAddr);

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jonasschnelli Mar 26, 2018


Haven't checked, but could it be possible that authUsers needs sanitizing?

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GabrielDav Mar 26, 2018

Author Contributor

authUser comes from RPCAuthorized:

static bool RPCAuthorized(const std::string& strAuth, std::string& strAuthUsernameOut)

on top of that it cannot come from somewhere else because user needs to be authenticated before rpc method can be executed (I cannot find any other reference to parse method). If username is malicious then it must be validated during the authentication, otherwise this might be much worse than non sanitized string in logs.
I have no problem adding Sanitize if you think this is necessary. However, I try to maintain assumption that non-user input string should be already validated.

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laanwj Mar 27, 2018


Right, in any case, this would be an issue only for logging failed attempts at authorization.

And in the oft case you don't trust the sanity of the configured user names then sanitizing (instead of say, escaping) before logging creates an auditing issue. It means multiple usernames can map to the same name in the log.

So it's ok to keep it like this.

LogPrint(BCLog::RPC, "ThreadRPCServer method=%s user=%s\n", SanitizeString(strMethod), this->authUser);

// Parse params
UniValue valParams = find_value(request, "params");
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@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ class JSONRPCRequest
bool fHelp;
std::string URI;
std::string authUser;
std::string peerAddr;

JSONRPCRequest() : id(NullUniValue), params(NullUniValue), fHelp(false) {}
void parse(const UniValue& valRequest);
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