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Index for BIP 157 block filters #14121

merged 12 commits into from Apr 18, 2019

index: Ensure block locator is not stale after chain reorg.

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jimpo committed Aug 27, 2018
commit 62b7a4f09409f60a35fc99ddb70f9199ac511a53
@@ -113,6 +113,11 @@ void BaseIndex::ThreadSync()
if (pindex_next->pprev != pindex && !Rewind(pindex, pindex_next->pprev)) {
FatalError("%s: Failed to rewind index %s to a previous chain tip",
__func__, GetName());
pindex = pindex_next;

@@ -167,6 +172,22 @@ bool BaseIndex::CommitInternal(CDBBatch& batch)
return true;

bool BaseIndex::Rewind(const CBlockIndex* current_tip, const CBlockIndex* new_tip)
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ryanofsky Mar 25, 2019


In commit "index: Allow atomic commits of index state to be extended." (e3845e4)

This commit still doesn't compile because BaseIndex::Rewind declaration is not added until the next commit.

assert(current_tip == m_best_block_index);
assert(current_tip->GetAncestor(new_tip->nHeight) == new_tip);

// In the case of a reorg, ensure persisted block locator is not stale.
m_best_block_index = new_tip;
if (!Commit()) {
// If commit fails, revert the best block index to avoid corruption.
m_best_block_index = current_tip;
return false;

return true;

void BaseIndex::BlockConnected(const std::shared_ptr<const CBlock>& block, const CBlockIndex* pindex,
const std::vector<CTransactionRef>& txn_conflicted)
@@ -194,6 +215,11 @@ void BaseIndex::BlockConnected(const std::shared_ptr<const CBlock>& block, const
if (best_block_index != pindex->pprev && !Rewind(best_block_index, pindex->pprev)) {
FatalError("%s: Failed to rewind index %s to a previous chain tip",
__func__, GetName());

if (WriteBlock(*block, pindex)) {
@@ -80,6 +80,10 @@ class BaseIndex : public CValidationInterface
/// commit more index state.
virtual bool CommitInternal(CDBBatch& batch);

/// Rewind index to an earlier chain tip during a chain reorg. The tip must
/// be an ancestor of the current best block.
virtual bool Rewind(const CBlockIndex* current_tip, const CBlockIndex* new_tip);

virtual DB& GetDB() const = 0;

/// Get the name of the index for display in logs.
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