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msvc: build secp256k1 and leveldb locally #14372

merged 2 commits into from Jan 31, 2019


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@ken2812221 ken2812221 commented Oct 2, 2018

In current MSVC build setup, the code depends on leveldb and secp256k1 that are installed from vcpkg which is not controlled by us. If we update our code, we have to wait for vcpkg port being merged.

This PR move them from vcpkg to local branch to make it as same as autoconf.

The leveldb changes is based on bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#14 and bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#18

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@practicalswift practicalswift commented Oct 2, 2018

src/leveldb/ should not be edited locally – the leveldb changes should probably be submitted upstream instead :-)

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@DrahtBot DrahtBot commented Oct 2, 2018

The following sections might be updated with supplementary metadata relevant to reviewers and maintainers.


No conflicts as of last run.

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@ras0219-msft ras0219-msft commented Oct 2, 2018

If you want to maintain forks of leveldb/secp256k1 locally then it probably makes more sense to do this than install them via vcpkg.

However, if the intent is to treat them as third party libraries, you might be happier with instead replacing the vcpkg portfiles to point at the modified versions before running install (C:\tools\vcpkg\ports\leveldb\). We always use the local catalog to do the build, so they can just be directly replaced before calling vcpkg remove --outdated; vcpkg install.

Note: If you want them to be removed by remove --outdated, you need to make sure to change the version in ports\leveldb\CONTROL when making modifications.

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@MarcoFalke MarcoFalke commented Oct 3, 2018

Concept ACK on using the subtree when compiling with msvc. Though, could the subtree bump be done in a separate pull request?

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@sipsorcery sipsorcery commented Oct 3, 2018

Some of the leveldb changes proposed in this PR are already in PR's on the leveldb repo, specifically bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#14 and bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#7 (as an aside the changes in bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#14 were the ones I included in the leveldb vcpkg portfiles).

For what it's worth I'd agree with @practicalswift that changes to the sub-trees should be done upstream.

I'm a concept ACK on using subtrees for leveldb and secp256k1 for the msvc/Visual Studio build. It does make debugging a little bit easier.

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@ken2812221 ken2812221 commented Oct 3, 2018

@sipsorcery Sorry. I'm not aware that you already submmitted a PR for that. I'll revert the duplicate thing in bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#18

@practicalswift @sipsorcery I know that they should be done upstream, but they are not done yet. I could show the result before then and make CI happy. Anyway, this PR shouldn't be merged before upstream one merged.

@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch 2 times, most recently from 5e2f99e to 3596484 Oct 8, 2018
@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from 3596484 to dae0910 Oct 8, 2018
@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from dae0910 to b54495b Oct 21, 2018
@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from b54495b to fdab218 Nov 8, 2018
@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from fdab218 to 1397b06 Nov 8, 2018
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@laanwj laanwj commented Jan 16, 2019

Concept ACK, makes sense if MSVC follows the autoconf-based build system in this regard.

@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch 3 times, most recently from e5515f0 to 4dd42dd Jan 22, 2019
@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from 4dd42dd to 2140ac6 Jan 22, 2019
@MarcoFalke MarcoFalke added this to the 0.18.0 milestone Jan 26, 2019
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@MarcoFalke MarcoFalke commented Jan 31, 2019

Needs rebase

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@MarcoFalke MarcoFalke commented Jan 31, 2019

@sipsorcery @NicolasDorier Is this good to merge?

@ken2812221 ken2812221 force-pushed the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch from 4a2b193 to 82dcacb Jan 31, 2019
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@sipsorcery sipsorcery commented Jan 31, 2019

tACK 5209106.

Builds correctly on VS2017, VS2019 and AppVeyor.

(One note is that Pieter Wuille did comment somewhere that the libsecp256k1 config options set here meant that Windows ecdsa operations were up to 4 times slower than on Linux. I had a quick look but because msvc doesn't support asm on 64 bit builds didn't find any way to improve it)

MarcoFalke added a commit to MarcoFalke/bitcoin-core that referenced this issue Jan 31, 2019
82dcacb msvc: build leveldb locally (Chun Kuan Lee)
5209106 msvc: build secp256k1 locally (Chun Kuan Lee)

Pull request description:

  In current MSVC build setup, the code depends on leveldb and secp256k1 that are installed from vcpkg which is not controlled by us. If we update our code, we have to wait for vcpkg port being merged.

  This PR move them from vcpkg to local branch to make it as same as autoconf.

  The leveldb changes is based on bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#14 and bitcoin-core/leveldb-subtree#18

Tree-SHA512: aa2cc1c3191e8d9cab23d555da4be296314c46d944f452c2ec6202b1779e4cc223b603e589b38196cd2c793a03a8bb0ba128cc66256b35a58c5e7bb358475206
@MarcoFalke MarcoFalke merged commit 82dcacb into bitcoin:master Jan 31, 2019
1 of 2 checks passed
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@NicolasDorier NicolasDorier commented Feb 1, 2019

post merge tACK.

ken2812221 added a commit to ken2812221/bitcoin that referenced this issue Feb 1, 2019
MarcoFalke added a commit to MarcoFalke/bitcoin-core that referenced this issue Feb 4, 2019
…13926 and bitcoin#14372

bef8fdd msvc: Fix silent merge conflict between bitcoin#13926 and bitcoin#14372 (ken2812221)

Pull request description:

  The bitcoin-wallet.exe would have to link with libsecp256k1 after we build libsecp256k1 in project.

Tree-SHA512: cb3fafa301f39121f5d26ac8ac6009c9665fcad1061dbf14ba013104870abe5413ac57c97c97df12b6ba2ad709b776c51aeec20d41f3ae01d3460a5e18f40eec
HashUnlimited pushed a commit to HashUnlimited/chaincoin that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2019
@ken2812221 ken2812221 deleted the 2018-10-02-msvc-code branch Feb 9, 2019
ken2812221 added a commit to ken2812221/bitcoin that referenced this issue Feb 14, 2019
MarcoFalke added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 14, 2019
… part II

3c6ef03 msvc: Fix silent merge conflict between #13926 and #14372 part II (Chun Kuan Lee)

Pull request description:

  In #15325, I added secp256k1 as a dependency of bitcoin-wallet. However, I didn't notice that leveldb is also a dependency of it.

Tree-SHA512: dc29b5cad6c529dd9517d6c2cbbe5297b69e73303e2fbbcd4b4842c9c5b51a4332df5a4bf3b82cd3ed2c1668cc95f8c9636f9485af0d722fed9c1319da3cc2e2
HashUnlimited pushed a commit to HashUnlimited/chaincoin that referenced this issue Feb 23, 2019
kallewoof pushed a commit to kallewoof/bitcoin that referenced this issue Oct 4, 2019
770d0f6 travis: Properly cache and error on timeout (MarcoFalke)
1630bac travis: Switch to ubuntu keyserver to avoid timeouts (MarcoFalke)
3c0f3d7 Disable feature_notifications functional test (Steven Roose)
20f3b1d Fix more Travis builds (Steven Roose)
ee90019 Fixup after merge with master (Steven Roose)
45c06d2 Fix Travis builds (Steven Roose)
738a3c9 MERGE-FIX: Fix bitcoin-tx duplicate -h argument (Steven Roose)
de81c0d MERGE-FIX: Fix linter (mostly RPC help) (Steven Roose)
efe4e8f MERGE-FIX: Fix functional tests (Steven Roose)
473e1e9 MERGE-FIX: Fix compatibility functional tests (Steven Roose)
420e38a MERGE-FIX: Update compatibility functional tests (Steven Roose)
3a01200 MERGE-FIX: Fix unit tests (Steven Roose)
a39bad4 MERGE-FIX: manpage fixes (Steven Roose)
52f6f69 WIP: Fix compilation after merge (Steven Roose)
de5dc03 MERGE-FIX: Rebrand bitcoin-wallet to elements-wallet (Steven Roose)
39c2906 MERGE-FIX: Update src/primitives/bitcoin/ (Steven Roose)
519b0bc Make last disconnected block BLOCK_FAILED_VALID, even when aborted (Pieter Wuille)
8d22041 Optimization: don't add txn back to mempool after 10 invalidates (Pieter Wuille)
9ce9c37 Prevent callback overruns in InvalidateBlock and RewindBlockIndex (Pieter Wuille)
9bb32eb Release cs_main during InvalidateBlock iterations (Pieter Wuille)
9b1ff5c Call InvalidateBlock without cs_main held (Pieter Wuille)
241b2c7 Make RewindBlockIndex interruptible (Pieter Wuille)
880ce7d Call RewindBlockIndex without cs_main held (Pieter Wuille)
436f7d7 Release cs_main during RewindBlockIndex operation (Pieter Wuille)
1d34287 Merge the disconnection and erasing loops in RewindBlockIndex (Pieter Wuille)
32b2696 Move erasure of non-active blocks to a separate loop in RewindBlockIndex (Pieter Wuille)
9d6dcc5 Abstract EraseBlockData out of RewindBlockIndex (Pieter Wuille)
39e20fc Add missing #include. (Daniel Kraft)
fa9b60c Remove unused TransactionError constants (MarcoFalke)
53b3103 refactor: Drop redundant wallet reference (João Barbosa)
a786c3b Slight tweak to the verify-commits script directions (Douglas Roark)
7cb1a14 Explain that unused mempool memory is added to -dbcache (Sjors Provoost)
55e05a8 Added some factors that affect the dependency list (Martin Erlandsson)
901baf2 doc: update FreeBSD build guide for 12.0 (fanquake)
3782075 Move all PID file stuff to init.cpp (Hennadii Stepanov)
561e375 Make PID file creating errors fatal (Hennadii Stepanov)
745a2ac Improve PID file removing errors logging (Hennadii Stepanov)
1a062b8 tests: remove byte.hex() to keep compatibility (Akio Nakamura)
8e4b4f6 Address test todos by removing -txindex to nodes. Originally added when updating getrawtransaction to stop searching unspent utxos. (Amiti Uttarwar)
e3e1a56 [test] functional: set cwd of nodes to tmpdir (Sjors Provoost)
0bedcba Use a single wallet batch for UpgradeKeyMetadata (Jonas Schnelli)
5b76c31 doc: Add separate productivity notes document (Carl Dong)
6aaa0ab Remove manual byte editing in wallet_tx_clone func test (Gregory Sanders)
1435fab Use RdSeed when available, and reduce RdRand load (Pieter Wuille)
a083f75 Update assumevalid, minimumchainwork, and getchaintxstats to height 563378. (Gregory Maxwell)
3ec56be appveyor: Remove unused NDEBUG removal (Chun Kuan Lee)
8a1f0a3 scripted-diff: Remove NDEBUG pre-define (Chun Kuan Lee)
d3661a3 [Doc] add missing newline to witnessScript in listunspent help (David A. Harding)
a607c9a [Doc] importmulti: add missing description of keypool option (David A. Harding)
d067e81 msvc: add rapid check property tests (Chun Kuan Lee)
fd637be Add checksums to (Pieter Wuille)
be62903 Make descriptor checksums mandatory in deriveaddresses and importmulti (Pieter Wuille)
b52cb63 Add getdescriptorinfo to compute checksum (Pieter Wuille)
3b40bff Descriptor checksum (Pieter Wuille)
540729e Implement analyzepsbt RPC and tests (Andrew Chow)
77542cf Move PSBT UTXO fetching to a separate method (Andrew Chow)
cb40b3a Figure out what is missing during signing (Andrew Chow)
08f749c Implement joinpsbts RPC and tests (Andrew Chow)
7344a7b Implement utxoupdatepsbt RPC and tests (Andrew Chow)
fab6b07 test: txindex: interrupt threadGroup before calling destructor (MarcoFalke)
fab15ff fuzz: Script validation flags (MarcoFalke)
fabcfa5 fuzz: Move deserialize tests to test/fuzz/deserialize.cpp (MarcoFalke)
7cee858 Add compile time verification of assumptions we're currently making implicitly/tacitly (practicalswift)
fa178a6 [rpc] mining: Omit uninitialized currentblockweight, currentblocktx (MarcoFalke)
88a91e2 [build] AppVeyor: clean cache when build configuration changes (Sjors Provoost)
543ef7d tests: Add missing cs_main locks required when accessing pcoinsdbview, pcoinsTip or pblocktree (practicalswift)
f4b00b7 Import public keys in order (Andrew Chow)
9e1551b Test pubkey import to keypool (Andrew Chow)
513719c Add option to importmulti add an imported pubkey to the keypool (Andrew Chow)
9b81fd1 Fetch keys from keypool when private keys are disabled (Andrew Chow)
99cccb9 Add a method to add a pubkey to the keypool (Andrew Chow)
cb3511b Add release notes for importing key origin info change (Andrew Chow)
4c75a69 Test importing descriptors with key origin information (Andrew Chow)
02d6586 Import KeyOriginData when importing descriptors (Andrew Chow)
3d235df Implement a function to add KeyOriginInfo to a wallet (Andrew Chow)
eab63bc Store key origin info in key metadata (Andrew Chow)
345bff6 Remove hdmasterkeyid (Andrew Chow)
bac8c67 Add a method to CWallet to write just CKeyMetadata (Andrew Chow)
e7652d3 Add WriteHDKeypath function and move *HDKeypath to util/bip32.{h,cpp} (Andrew Chow)
c45415f Refactor keymetadata writing to a separate method (Andrew Chow)
0890339 build: prefer python3.4 even if newer versions are present on the system (Sjors Provoost)
fa535af fuzz: test_runner: Better error message when built with afl (MarcoFalke)
fa7ca8e qa: Add test/fuzz/ (MarcoFalke)
eeeee58 travis: Combine --disable-bip70 into existing job (MarcoFalke)
6ca836a Add release note for listunspent P2WSH change (MeshCollider)
928beae Add test for P2SH-P2WSH in signrawtransactionwithkey and listunspent (MeshCollider)
314784a Make listunspent and signrawtransaction RPCs support witnessScript (MeshCollider)
7257353 Select orphan transaction uniformly for eviction (Pieter Wuille)
94086fb gui: Add close wallet action (João Barbosa)
f77ba34 gui: Add closeWallet to WalletController (João Barbosa)
f6122ab interfaces: Add remove to Wallet (João Barbosa)
fd46c4c Bump minimum Qt version to 5.5.1 (Sjors Provoost)
84f5315 Travis: Add test without BIP70 (but still full wallet + tests) (Luke Dashjr)
113f000 GUI: If BIP70 is disabled, give a proper error when trying to open a payment request file (Luke Dashjr)
9975282 GUI: If BIP70 is disabled, attempt to fall back to BIP21 parsing (Luke Dashjr)
4a43eb8 [build] add rule for src/bitcoin-wallet (Sjors Provoost)
3c6ef03 msvc: Fix silent merge conflict between bitcoin#13926 and bitcoin#14372 part II (Chun Kuan Lee)
8c3fdd3 fixes m_assumed_blockchain_size variables values: (marcoagner)
102faad Factor out combine / finalize / extract PSBT helpers (Glenn Willen)
78b9893 Remove op== on PSBTs; check compatibility in Merge (Glenn Willen)
bd0dbe8 Switch away from exceptions in refactored tx code (Glenn Willen)
c6c3d42 Move PSBT definitions and code to separate files (Glenn Willen)
81cd958 Factor BroadcastTransaction out of sendrawtransaction (Glenn Willen)
c734aaa Split DecodePSBT into Base64 and Raw versions (Glenn Willen)
162ffef Add pf_invalid arg to std::string DecodeBase{32,64} (Glenn Willen)
a4b92e4 Log full paths for wallets (Hennadii Stepanov)
318b1f7 [wallet] Close bdb when flushing wallet. (John Newbery)
5039e4b Remove unnecessary const_cast (Julian Fleischer)
fa0ad4e RPCHelpMan: Check default values are given at compile-time (MarcoFalke)
b651ef7 submitheader: more directly test missing prev block header (Gregory Sanders)
1e7f741 remove some magic mining constants in functional tests (Gregory Sanders)
8c9b8a3 Replace script name with special parameter (Hennadii Stepanov)
dc3b2cc tests: Added missing tests for RPC wallet errors (Ben Carman)
1951ea4 gui: Show indeterminate progress dialog while opening walllet (João Barbosa)
8847cda gui: Add OpenWalletActivity (João Barbosa)
4c8982a interfaces: Avoid interface instance if wallet is null (João Barbosa)
be82dea gui: Add thread to run background activity in WalletController (João Barbosa)
6c49a55 gui: Add Open Wallet menu (João Barbosa)
32a8c6a gui: Add openWallet and getWalletsAvailableToOpen to WalletController (João Barbosa)
ab288b4 interfaces: Add loadWallet to Node (João Barbosa)
17abc0f wallet: Factor out LoadWallet (João Barbosa)
15b3103 appveyor: Remove outdated libraries (Chun Kuan Lee)
ae892ad tests: accept unicode characters on Windows (Chun Kuan Lee)
1cdb9bb minor p2p_sendheaders fix of height in coinbase (Gregory Sanders)
a99999c util: Add SetupHelpOptions() (MarcoFalke)
a94e470 A few textual improvements (Martin Erlandsson)
50e6472 Move ParseConfirmTarget from rpc/mining to rpc/util (Russell Yanofsky)
1a0139c trivial: correct parameter name in comments (andrewtoth)
30d0f7b rpc: Fix for segfault if combinepsbt called with empty inputs (benthecarman)
7687f78 [wallet] Support creating a blank wallet (Andrew Chow)
dfbf117 Move maxTxFee initialization to init.cpp (Jordan Baczuk)
5d35d43 Update release notes through to cb35f1d (David A. Harding)
9ad5ca1 Release notes: integrate detached & rm backports (David A. Harding)
fae8b8b qa: Add tool-prefix to functional test readme (MarcoFalke)
faf3d22 test_runner: Remove unused --force option (MarcoFalke)
faa4647 wallet: Add lock annotation for mapAddressBook (MarcoFalke)
eea02be Add locking annotation for vNodes. vNodes is guarded by cs_vNodes. (practicalswift)
d855e4c Avoid triggering undefined behaviour (std::memset(nullptr, 0, 0)) if an invalid string is passed to DecodeSecret(...) (practicalswift)
1cff3d6 Change in transaction pull scheduling to prevent InvBlock-related attacks (Gleb Naumenko)
b985e9c Add release notes for importmulti descriptor support (MeshCollider)
fbb5e93 Add test for importing via descriptor (MeshCollider)
9f48053 [wallet] Allow descriptor imports with importmulti (MeshCollider)
d2b381c [wallet] Refactor ProcessImport() to call ProcessImportLegacy() (John Newbery)
4cac0dd [wallet] Add ProcessImportLegacy() (John Newbery)
a1b25e1 [wallet] Refactor ProcessImport() (John Newbery)
5952838 [rpc] util: add deriveaddresses method (Sjors Provoost)
6440e61 qa: Drop RPC connection if --usecli (João Barbosa)
87aa0b4 netaddress: Make IPv4 loopback comment more descriptive (Carl Dong)
6180b5f netaddress: Fix indentation in IsLocal (Carl Dong)
fa2a69f doc: Add cs_main lock annotations for mapBlockIndex (practicalswift)
fa1e281 doc: Add missing wallet-tool manpages (MarcoFalke)
fa0fe3b contrib: Add missing wallet tool to (MarcoFalke)
e8db6b8 Qt: Fix update headers-count (Jonas Schnelli)
7bb45e4 Qt: update header count regardless of update delay (Jonas Schnelli)
fa1db33 travis: Only exit early if compilation took longer than 30 min (MarcoFalke)
7fdb92e Update (OverlordQ)
13782b8 docs: add perf section to developer docs (James O'Beirne)
58180b5 tests: add utility to easily profile node performance with perf (James O'Beirne)
4701239 [Docs] Small updates to getrawtransaction description (Amiti Uttarwar)
ef0b012 tests: Make updatecoins_simulation_test deterministic (practicalswift)
364cff1 Fix issue bitcoin#9683 "gui, wallet: random abort (segmentation fault) running master/HEAD". (Chris Moore)
d3bf3b9 qa: Test .walletlock file is closed (João Barbosa)
2f8b8f4 wallet: Close wallet env lock file (João Barbosa)
8602a1e wallet: Close dbenv error file db.log (João Barbosa)
0164b0f build: Remove WINVER pre define in Makefile.leveldb.inlcude (Chun Kuan Lee)
d0522ec Drop defunct Windows compat fixes (Ben Woosley)
d8a2992 windows: Call SetProcessDEPPolicy directly (Chun Kuan Lee)
1bd9ffd windows: Set _WIN32_WINNT to 0x0601 (Windows 7) (Chun Kuan Lee)
851380c remove deprecated mentions of signrawtransaction from fundraw help (Gregory Sanders)
aebafd0 Rename Chain getLocator -> getTipLocator (Russell Yanofsky)
2c1fbaa Drop redundant get_value_or (Russell Yanofsky)
84adb20 Fix ScanForWalletTransactions start_block comment (Russell Yanofsky)
2efa66b Document rescanblockchain returned stop_height being null (Russell Yanofsky)
db2d093 Add suggested rescanblockchain comments (Russell Yanofsky)
a8d645c Update ScanForWalletTransactions result comment (Russell Yanofsky)
95a812b Rename ScanResult stop_block field (Russell Yanofsky)
e1b6436 Fix build after pr 15266 merged (Hennadii Stepanov)
77777c5 log: Construct global logger on first use (MarcoFalke)
107623c net: Correct comparison of addr count (Carl Dong)
bad1716 init: Modify docs and add release note for 12255 (Carl Dong)
b0c7b54 init: Use systemd automatic directory creation (Carl Dong)
df8a7d3 qt: Pre-0.18 split-off translations update (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
fa6b7b9 travis: Revert "Run extended tests once daily" (MarcoFalke)
bef8fdd msvc: Fix silent merge conflict between bitcoin#13926 and bitcoin#14372 (ken2812221)
712d35b wallet: Add missing cs_db lock (João Barbosa)
fae169c test: Make bloom tests deterministic (MarcoFalke)
0dd6a8c Check m_internals in UnregisterValidationInterface (João Barbosa)
fd6d499 gui: Fix m_node.startShutdown() order (João Barbosa)
07b9aad gui: Expose BitcoinGUI::unsubscribeFromCoreSignals (João Barbosa)
60e190c gui: Fix WalletController deletion (João Barbosa)
fac3a05 test: Fix race in p2p_invalid_messages (MarcoFalke)
11e0fd8 Descriptor expansions only need pubkey entries for PKH/WPKH (Pieter Wuille)
facaae4 travis: Save cache when compilation took very long (MarcoFalke)
faee6c9 travis: Remove unused FUNCTIONAL_TESTS_CONFIG (MarcoFalke)
119d360 travis: Document whether functional tests are run in the job name (Ben Woosley)
64f2854 Revert "travis: Compile trusty with depends for now" (Ben Woosley)
267eac0 Prefer boost::optional#get_value_or over #value_or (Ben Woosley)
1971f5b Piecewise construct to avoid invalid construction (Ben Woosley)
fa5278a qa: Use wallet to retrieve raw transactions (MarcoFalke)
fa21983 qa: Style-only fixes in touched files (MarcoFalke)
e6c58d3 Do not import private keys to wallets with private keys disabled (Andrew Chow)
b5c5021 Refactor importwallet to extract data from the file and then import (Andrew Chow)
1f77f67 tests: unify RPC argument to cli argument conversion and handle dicts and lists (Andrew Chow)
2e02341 tests: unify RPC argument to cli argument conversion and handle dicts and lists (Andrew Chow)
82dcacb msvc: build leveldb locally (Chun Kuan Lee)
5209106 msvc: build secp256k1 locally (Chun Kuan Lee)
3617f11 Fix assertion in CKey::SignCompact (João Barbosa)
14bc2a1 Trivial: add doxygen-compatible comments relating to BerkeleyEnvironment (Pierre Rochard)
88b1d95 Tests: add unit tests for GetWalletEnv (Pierre Rochard)
f1f4bb7 Free BerkeleyEnvironment instances when not in use (Russell Yanofsky)
3c3e31c [tests] Add wallet-tool test (João Barbosa)
49d2374 [tools] Add wallet inspection and modification tool (Jonas Schnelli)
f96dbd1 gdb attaching to process during tests has non-sudo solution (Gregory Sanders)
2bc4c3e Notify the GUI that the keypool has changed to set the receive button (Andrew Chow)
14bcdbe Check for more than private keys disabled to show receive button (Andrew Chow)
fa3745b qa: Add tests for invalid message headers (MarcoFalke)
e1c27da doc: correct logging rpc return type and example (fanquake)
f24ed6d Delete and move its contents into (Martin Erlandsson)
a6cd50d Add gitian PGP key for hebasto (Hennadii Stepanov)
2d48314 Remove 'boost::optional'-related gcc warnings (Hennadii Stepanov)
fa5ce3f travis: Compile trusty with depends for now (MarcoFalke)
fa83999 travis: Compile once on trusty (MarcoFalke)
2ca632e test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables (MarcoFalke)
fab4bed [test] fuzz: make test_one_input return void (MarcoFalke)
6f6514a Correct units for "-dbcache" and "-prune" (Hennadii Stepanov)
fa5e6ef wallet: Fixup rescanblockchain result doc (MarcoFalke)
04da9f4 [RPC] Update getrawtransaction interface (Amiti Uttarwar)
65bc38d [doc] add notes on release notes (John Newbery)
4f2e6c8 Squashed 'src/leveldb/' changes from 524b7e3..f545dfa (MarcoFalke)
44de156 Remove remaining chainActive references from CWallet (Russell Yanofsky)
db21f02 Convert CWallet::ScanForWalletTransactions and SyncTransaction to the new Chain apis (Russell Yanofsky)
2ffb079 Add findFork and findBlock to the Chain interface (Russell Yanofsky)
d93c4c1 Add time methods to the Chain interface (Russell Yanofsky)
700c42b Add height, depth, and hash methods to the Chain interface (Russell Yanofsky)
0297be6 Allow connections from misbehavior banned peers. (Gregory Maxwell)
faa1522 RPCHelpMan: Pass through Result and Examples (MarcoFalke)
fa5f890 rpc: Compile on GCC4.8 (MarcoFalke)
70e7cee Trivial: Doxygenize existing CBufferedFile and VectorReader comments (Ben Woosley)
9431e1b Trivial: fixup a few doxygen comments (Ben Woosley)
ad5e5a1 Scripts and tools: Drop no-longer-relevant copyright holder names (Ben Woosley)
2434ab5 Scripts and tools: Fix devtools/ to always honor exclusions (Ben Woosley)
f618c58 Docs: Update python docs to reflect that wildcard imports are disallowed (Ben Woosley)
b09dab0 Prevent mutex lock fail even if --enable-debug (Akio Nakamura)
a36d97d Default -whitelistforcerelay to off (Suhas Daftuar)
5a5ea93 Doc: add information about security to the JSON-RPC doc (David A. Harding)
fdf82ba Update all subprocess.check_output functions in CI scripts to be Python 3.4 compatible (Graham Krizek)
42ff30e [Docs] add short documentation for /rest/blockhashbyheight (Jonas Schnelli)
579d418 [QA] add rest tests for /rest/blockhashbyheight/<HEIGHT>.<FORMAT> (Jonas Schnelli)
eb9ef04 REST: add "blockhashbyheight" call, fetch blockhash by height (Jonas Schnelli)
da60118 Fix macOS launch-at-startup memory issue (Jonas Schnelli)
516437a Qt: remove macOS launch-at-startup option when compiled with > macOS 10.11 (Jonas Schnelli)
948d8f4 lint: Enable python linters via an array (Ben Woosley)
b301950  Made expicit constructor CTransaction(const CMutableTransaction &tx). (lucash-dev)
faf29dd  Minimal changes to comply with explicit CMutableTransaction -> CTranaction conversion. (lucash-dev)
223de8d Document RNG design in random.h (Pieter Wuille)
f2e60ca Use secure allocator for RNG state (Pieter Wuille)
cddb31b Encapsulate RNGState better (Pieter Wuille)
152146e DRY: Implement GetRand using FastRandomContext::randrange (Pieter Wuille)
a1f252e Sprinkle some sweet noexcepts over the RNG code (Pieter Wuille)
4ea8e50 Remove hwrand_initialized. (Pieter Wuille)
9d7032e Switch all RNG code to the built-in PRNG. (Pieter Wuille)
16e40a8 Integrate util/system's CInit into RNGState (Pieter Wuille)
2ccc3d3 Abstract out seeding/extracting entropy into RNGState::MixExtract (Pieter Wuille)
aae8b9b Add thread safety annotations to RNG state (Pieter Wuille)
d3f54d1 Rename some hardware RNG related functions (Pieter Wuille)
05fde14 Automatically initialize RNG on first use. (Pieter Wuille)
2d1cc50 Don't log RandAddSeedPerfmon details (Pieter Wuille)
6a57ca9 Use FRC::randbytes instead of reading >32 bytes from RNG (Pieter Wuille)
de7266f [net] add to DNS seeds (Stephan Oeste)
18185b5 scripted-diff: batch-recase BanMan variables (Carl Dong)
c2e04d3 banman: Add, use CBanEntry ctor that takes ban reason (Carl Dong)
1ffa4ce banman: reformulate nBanUtil calculation (Carl Dong)
daae598 banman: add thread annotations and mark members const where possible (Cory Fields)
84fc3fb scripted-diff: batch-rename BanMan members (Cory Fields)
af3503d net: move BanMan to its own files (Cory Fields)
d0469b2 banman: pass in default ban time as a parameter (Cory Fields)
2e56702 banman: pass the banfile path in (Cory Fields)
4c0d961 banman: create and split out banman (Cory Fields)
83c1ea2 net: split up addresses/ban dumps in preparation for moving them (Cory Fields)
136bd79 tests: remove member connman/peerLogic in TestingSetup (Cory Fields)
7cc2b9f net: Break disconnecting out of Ban() (Cory Fields)
ca91661 Fix wallet selector size adjustment (Hennadii Stepanov)
7cf994d qa: Improve tests of /rest/headers and /rest/block (João Barbosa)
0825b86 doc: /rest/block responds with 404 if block does not exist (João Barbosa)
be625f7 doc: Explain empty result of /rest/headers (João Barbosa)
3046e5f Update zmq to 4.3.1 (Dimitris Apostolou)
85f0ca9 Remove errant past from walletcreatefundedpsbt for nLocktime replaceability (Gregory Sanders)
f1dc693 zmq: log outbound message high water mark when reusing socket (fanquake)
1ed425e gui: Fix window title update (João Barbosa)
5b4283c Add comment describing fDisconnect behavior (Carl Dong)
a2a6c8f rpc: remove duplicate solvable field from getaddressinfo (fanquake)
979bc0c Improve "help-console" message (Hennadii Stepanov)
4e81438 build: Drop macports support (Ben Woosley)
0dd9bde gui: Refactor to use WalletController (João Barbosa)
8fa271f gui: Add WalletController (João Barbosa)
cefb399 gui: Use AutoConnection for WalletModel::unload signal (João Barbosa)
7c572c4 Add workaround for QProgressDialog bug on macOS (Hennadii Stepanov)
a517541 Remove no longer needed shellcheck suppressions (practicalswift)
0b7196e Fix warnings introduced in shellcheck v0.6.0 (practicalswift)
07a53dc Remove repeated suppression. Fix indentation. (practicalswift)
638e53b Pin shellcheck version to v0.6.0 (practicalswift)
31097b7 docs: Spelling error fix on (benthecarman)
24313fb Remove redundant stopExecutor() signal (Hennadii Stepanov)
1c0e0a5 Remove redundant stopThread() signal (Hennadii Stepanov)
8928237 threads: fix unitialized members in sched_param (Cory Fields)
b745e14 [docs] Expand help text for importmulti changes (John Newbery)
4a86a0a Make SafeDbt DB_DBT_MALLOC on default initialization (Ben Woosley)
1a9f9f7 Introduce SafeDbt to handle DB_DBT_MALLOC raii-style (Ben Woosley)
951a44e Drop unused setRange arg to BerkeleyBatch::ReadAtCursor (Ben Woosley)
b9dafe7 Fix remaining compiler warnings (MSVC). Move disabling of specific warnings from /nowarn to project file. (practicalswift)
e4a0c35 Improve blocksdir functional test. (Hennadii Stepanov)
c3f1821 Make blockdir always net specific (Hennadii Stepanov)
4412a59 qa: Remove race between connecting and shutdown on separate connections (João Barbosa)
3537c83 Do not deselect peer when switching away from tab (Hennadii Stepanov)
b0037c5 Improve Peers tab layout (Hennadii Stepanov)
f1bd219 contrib: Allow use of github API authentication in github-merge (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
a4c5bbf contrib: Add support for http[s] URLs in github-merge (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
059a3cf contrib: Detailed reporting for http errors in github-merge (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
cbd9091 refactor/lint: Add ignored suggestions to an array (Vidar Holen)
04215eb [doc] explain what .python-version does (Sjors Provoost)
fe7048b gui: Show current wallet name in window title (João Barbosa)
8a79261 gui: Keep network style in BitcoinGUI (João Barbosa)
f411c8b gui: Remove unused return type in some BitcoinGUI methods (João Barbosa)
fa5e373 validation: Add cs_main locking annotations (MarcoFalke)
fa5c346 doc: Add comment to cs_main and mempool::cs (MarcoFalke)
fafe941 test: Add missing validation locks (MarcoFalke)
fac4558 sync: Add RecursiveMutex type alias (MarcoFalke)
03b8596 Add checksum in gitian build scripts for ossl (TheCharlatan)
fb3ce75 Don't label transactions "Open" while catching up (Hennadii Stepanov)
a88640e Fix minimized window bug on Linux (Hennadii Stepanov)
645e905 doc: Add release notes for unloadwallet change to synchronous call (João Barbosa)
c37851d rpc: Make unloadwallet wait for complete wallet unload (João Barbosa)
a0ac154 doc: Add getrpcinfo release notes (João Barbosa)
251a91c qa: Add tests for getrpcinfo (João Barbosa)
d0730f5 rpc: Add getrpcinfo command (João Barbosa)
068a8fc rpc: Track active commands (João Barbosa)
bf43832 rpc: Remove unused PreCommand signal (João Barbosa)
f652f85 qa: Ignore shellcheck warning SC2236 (João Barbosa)
3a0e76f Replace remaining 0 with nullptr in Qt code (Ben Woosley)
9096276 Don't use zero as null pointer constant (-Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant) (practicalswift)
fac2f5e Use C++11 default member initializers (MarcoFalke)
d6b076c Drop IsLimited in favor of IsReachable (Ben Woosley)
8ac3414 configure: bitcoin-tx doesn't need libevent, so don't pull it in (Luke Dashjr)
9d0e528 implements different disk sizes for different networks on intro (marcoagner)
fad058a build: Allow to configure --with-sanitizers=fuzzer (MarcoFalke)
332b3dd util: Make ToLower and ToUpper take a char (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
edb5bb3 util: remove unused [U](BEGIN|END) macros (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
7fa238c Replace use of BEGIN and END macros on uint256 (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
fa48baf wallet: Avoid leaking locktime fingerprint when anti-fee-sniping (MarcoFalke)
453803a [test] wallet_txn_clone: Correctly clone txin sequence (MarcoFalke)
5282608 docs: Add FreeBSD build notes link to doc/ (fanquake)
ef5ebc6 docs: Clarifying testing instructions (benthecarman)
2d5f1ea [tests] move wallet util functions to (John Newbery)
6be64ef [tests] tidy up (John Newbery)
9300961 Fix start with the `-min` option (Hennadii Stepanov)
369d7b3 Fix download link (Martin Erlandsson)
8931a95 Include util/strencodings.h which is required for IsSpace(...) (practicalswift)
7c9f790 Update KNOWN_VIOLATIONS: Remove fixed violations (practicalswift)
587924f Use IsSpace(...) instead of boost::is_space (practicalswift)
c5fd143 Use ToLower(...) instead of std::tolower (practicalswift)
e70cc89 Use IsDigit(...) instead of std::isdigit (practicalswift)
6dc4593 IsReachable is the inverse of IsLimited (DRY). Includes unit tests (marcaiaf)
ca126d4 Fix out-of-bounds write in case of failing mmap(...) in PosixLockedPageAllocator::AllocateLocked (practicalswift)
ba8c8b2 Fail if either disk space check fails (Ben Woosley)
8cff831 Error if rpcpassword contains hash in conf sections (MeshCollider)
fa2510d Use C++11 default member initializers (MarcoFalke)
ed12d5d index: Fix for indexers skipping genesis block. (Jim Posen)
7e4bd19 Add BitcoinApplication & RPCConsole tests (Russell Yanofsky)
ca20b65 Move BitcoinApplication to header so it can be tested (Russell Yanofsky)
fab17e8 test: Add basic test for BIP34 (MarcoFalke)
f12e1d0 rpc: Avoid permanent cs_main lock in getblockheader (João Barbosa)
fa38d3d [rpc] Correct reconsiderblock help text, add test (MarcoFalke)
fab3f14 rpc: Document bytessent_per_msg and bytesrecv_per_msg (MarcoFalke)
c98f886 Fix the build problem in libbitcoin_server (Alexey Poghilenkov)
fac4e73 test: Run invalid_txs.InputMissing test in feature_block (MarcoFalke)
91b0c5b qt: Use WalletModel* instead of wallet name in console window (João Barbosa)
b2ce86c qt: Use WalletModel* instead of wallet name in main window (João Barbosa)
d2a1adf qt: Factor out WalletModel::getDisplayName() (João Barbosa)
4f4993f Remove UBSan suppression (practicalswift)
958e1a3 streams: Remove unused seek(size_t) (practicalswift)
6b25f29 Use std::vector API for construction of test data. (Daniel Kraft)
b9f226b rpc: Remove cs_main lock from blockToJSON and blockHeaderToJSON (João Barbosa)
343b98c rpc: Specify chain tip instead of chain in GetDifficulty (João Barbosa)
54dc13b rpc: Fix SoftForkMajorityDesc and SoftForkDesc signatures (João Barbosa)
75778a0 test: Correct ineffectual WithOrVersion from transactions_tests (Ben Woosley)
e58985c Log progress while verifying blocks at level 4. (Daniel Kraft)
a62e667 docs: Add more Doxygen information to Developer Notes (Jon Layton)
698d0f8 Remove misplaced Q_UNUSED and others enhancements (Hennadii Stepanov)
cc341ad gui: Fix for Incorrect application name when passing -regtest (Ben Carman)
5bb0164 depends: Enable unicode support on dbd for Windows (Chun Kuan Lee)
79f0a3f Get more info about GUI-related issue on Linux (Hennadii Stepanov)
1db71d4 Add names to Travis jobs (Graham Krizek)
7514361 Correct misleading "overridden options" label (Hennadii Stepanov)
f3d7d75 Release notes: integrate detached release notes (David A. Harding)
97fbe67 Release notes: update notes through fb52d06 (David A. Harding)
c8d9d90 Fix broken notificator on GNOME (Hennadii Stepanov)
59e3877 test: add invalid tx templates for use in functional tests (James O'Beirne)
c9066f0 Allow running --nonloopback test without IPv6 (Kristaps Kaupe)
4927bf2 Increase maxconnections limit when using poll. (Patrick Strateman)
11cc491 Implement poll() on systems which support it properly. (Patrick Strateman)
28211a4 Move SocketEvents logic to private method. (Patrick Strateman)
7e403c0 Move GenerateSelectSet logic to private method. (Patrick Strateman)
1e6afd0 Introduce and use constant SELECT_TIMEOUT_MILLISECONDS. (Patrick Strateman)
de23739 test: Fix "pong" race condition (Ben Woosley)
b60ac00 (IRC logs) not available anymore (Antti Majakivi)
3019ba2 Making supported operating systems more clear (Ben Carman)
1a49a0e Bump manpages (DrahtBot)
06ba779 Update copyright headers to 2018 (DrahtBot)
ae5594d [Trivial] Update license year range to 2019 (Emil Engler)
4999992 whitespace: Split ~300 char line into multiple ones (MarcoFalke)
fa71b38 scripted-diff: Rename rpc_timewait to rpc_timeout (MarcoFalke)
fa3e578 scripted-diff: Remove unused 'split' parameter to setup_network (MarcoFalke)
2474de0 Fix running individually through, as suggested by @MarcoFalke (bitcoin#14732) (Kristaps Kaupe)
b6f0db6 Increase timeout of featuer_assumevalid test to fix flaky tests (Graham Krizek)
aa9aca8 If tests are ran with (ASan + LSan), Docker needs access to ptrace (Graham Krizek)
a3b8b43 Update Travis base OS to Xenial (Graham Krizek)
cb53b82 scripted-diff: Replace boost::bind with std::bind (Chun Kuan Lee)
2196c51 refactor: Use boost::scoped_connection in signal/slot, also prefer range-based loop instead of std::transform (Chun Kuan Lee)
b74a521 fix testmempoolaccept CLI syntax (1Il1)
84104c7 clarifying getrawtransaction[time] get help text (Ben Carman)
be5ca82 doc: update NetBSD build instructions for 8.0 (fanquake)
5237850 Modify build instructions to work with Command Prompt as well as PowerShell; other minor changes (Murray Nesbitt)
72b63bc Fix minor grammar error in doc (bitcoinhodler)
fa3e874 test: pruning: Check that verifychain can be called when pruned (MarcoFalke)
488563e doc: Add historical release notes for 0.17.1 (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
eacff95 Add release notes (Pieter Wuille)
bdacbda Overhaul importmulti logic (Pieter Wuille)
66e15e8 Explain GetAncestor check for m_failed_blocks in AcceptBlockHeader (Sjors Provoost)
5728119 lint/format-strings: Correctly exclude escaped percent symbols (Luke Dashjr)
dae1423 Add locking annotations to feeStats, shortStats and longStats (practicalswift)
764e42f scripted-diff: Rename from cs_feeEstimator to m_cs_fee_estimator (practicalswift)
9a789d4 policy: Add Clang thread safety annotations for variables guarded by cs_feeEstimator (practicalswift)
e4ed8ce blockfilter: Remove default clause in switch statement. (Jim Posen)
c306209 blockfilter: Additional constructors for BlockFilter. (Jim Posen)
20b8129 blockfilter: Refactor GCS params into struct. (Jim Posen)
fabcd64 test: Avoid racy test p2p_timeouts (MarcoFalke)
d2ce315 [docs] add release note for change to GBT (John Newbery)
0025c9e [mining] segwit option must be set in GBT (John Newbery)
fa05d52 test: Bump timeout to run tests in travis thread sanitizer (MarcoFalke)
f3f6dde Test coinbase category in wallet rpcs (andrewtoth)
e982f0b Add all category options to wallet rpc help (andrewtoth)
6c10037 rpc: Fix data race (UB) in InterruptRPC() (practicalswift)
fa9a5bc RPCHelpMan: Support required arguments after optional ones (MarcoFalke)
fa61202 test: Add comment to g_insecure_rand_ctx (MarcoFalke)
fa0d3c4 test: Undo thread_local g_insecure_rand_ctx (MarcoFalke)
eaf4070 Add suppression for InterruptRPC (fRPCRunning) data race (practicalswift)
5e5138a travis: Use trap and set -e errtrace (Chun Kuan Lee)
069752b build: Enable functional tests in the ThreadSanitizer (TSan) build job (practicalswift)
82687b5 docs: add NSIS setup/install steps to windows docs (luciana)
4d454dc Refactoring with QString::toNSString (Hennadii Stepanov)
8b9171c wallet: Initialize stop_block to nullptr in CWallet::ScanForWalletTransactions (Ben Woosley)
faee591 test: Fix race in mempool_accept (MarcoFalke)
3e21b69 [Qt] Restore < Qt5.6 compatibility for addAction (Jonas Schnelli)
d98a29e Fix cuckoocache_tests TSAN failure introduced in bitcoin#14935. Fixes bitcoin#14967. (practicalswift)
95a5a9f qt: Remove ellipsis from sending/receiving addresses (João Barbosa)
a96c0df qt: Add Window menu (João Barbosa)
9ea38d0 qt: Allow to inspect RPCConsole tabs (João Barbosa)
c84c2b8 tests: Test for expected return values when calling functions returning a success code (practicalswift)
fa30a0e test: mempool_persist: Verify prioritization is dumped correctly (MarcoFalke)
fa4b8c9 test: add_nodes can only be called once after set_test_params (MarcoFalke)
faa8311 Revert "tests: Support calling add_nodes more than once" (MarcoFalke)
0e75f44 Replace CAffectedKeysVisitor with descriptor based logic (Pieter Wuille)
faead93 test: Make g_insecure_rand_ctx thread_local (MarcoFalke)
4de11a3 Remove Python 2 import workarounds (practicalswift)
fc91c1f Revert "travis: Save cache on build error" (Chun Kuan Lee)
98a1846 tests: Support calling add_nodes more than once (Steven Roose)
fbaaf78 validation: assert that pindexPrev is non-null when required (Karl-Johan Alm)
a46c847 depends: disable unused qt features (fanquake)
73b46ee depends: qt 5.9.7 (fanquake)
095e765 depends: expat 2.2.6 (fanquake)
aaaa8eb test: consensus: Check that final transactions are valid (MarcoFalke)
fae3617 test: Correctly deserialize without witness (MarcoFalke)
fa694f7 test: Add tests for truncated scripts (MarcoFalke)
e414486 Do not permit copying FastRandomContexts (Pieter Wuille)
022cf47 Simplify testing RNG code (Pieter Wuille)
fd3e797 Make unit tests use the insecure_rand_ctx exclusively (Pieter Wuille)
8d98d42 Bugfix: randbytes should seed when needed (non reachable issue) (Pieter Wuille)
273d025 Use a FastRandomContext in LimitOrphanTxSize (Pieter Wuille)
3db746b Introduce a Shuffle for FastRandomContext and use it in wallet and coinselection (Pieter Wuille)
8098379 Use a local FastRandomContext in a few more places in net (Pieter Wuille)
9695f31 Make addrman use its local RNG exclusively (Pieter Wuille)
78542a3 doc: Fix PSBT howto and example parameters (priscoan)
dcb70b1 Indicate -rpcauth option password hashing alg (Carl Dong)
31926ee [test] functional framework: add CScript hex() for Python 3.4 (Sjors Provoost)
74ce326 [test] Travis: enforce Python 3.4 support in functional tests (Sjors Provoost)
c9ba253 Add E711 to flake8 check (Daniel Ingram)
17b5520 Compare to None with is/is not (Daniel Ingram)
1b89074 Change '== None' to 'is None' (Daniel Ingram)
16d2937 Handle exception as ImportError (Daniel Ingram)
8db0c3d Removed implicit CTransaction conversion from benchmaks (lucash-dev)
ed61abe Removed implicit CTransaction constructor from tests (lucash-dev)
9b51b15 Add nice table to (Emil Engler)
8e20934 build: Add CLIENT_VERSION_BUILD to CFBundleGetInfoString (fanquake)
b7bee6a doc: Update minimum required qt (fanquake)
bd3b036 Add stop_block out arg to ScanForWalletTransactions (Ben Woosley)
3002d6c Return a status enum from ScanForWalletTransactions (Ben Woosley)
bb24d68 Make CWallet::ScanForWalletTransactions args and return value const (Ben Woosley)
2687950 Add comments to descriptor tests (Pieter Wuille)
82df4c6 Add descriptor expansion cache (Pieter Wuille)
1eda33a [refactor] Combine the ToString and ToPrivateString implementations (Pieter Wuille)
24d3a7b [refactor] Use DescriptorImpl internally, permitting access to new methods (Pieter Wuille)
6be0fb4 [refactor] Add a base DescriptorImpl with most common logic (Pieter Wuille)
ee3b21d [tests] Add docstring for (John Newbery)
fbdba40 [tests] add test_address method to (John Newbery)
fd3a02c [tests] add test_importmulti method to (John Newbery)
08a4a0f [tests] add get_multisig function to (John Newbery)
7c99614 [tests] add get_key function to (John Newbery)
e5a8ea8 [tests] tidy up imports in (John Newbery)
cb41ade [tests] fix flake8 warnings in (John Newbery)
0dcac51 Test for all keypool address types (Gregory Sanders)
522b80b add `--retry 5` to curl opts in (qubenix)
fa0c24c rpc: Document default values for optional arguments (MarcoFalke)
e09a587 rpc: Assert named arguments are unique in RPCHelpMan (João Barbosa)
45842c3 Improve documentation for running script (Jameson Lopp)
4ab638b http -> https (Dimitris Apostolou)
0b4a578 Use window() instead of obsolete topLevelWidget() (Hennadii Stepanov)
d6b3790 tests: check readability of cookie file (Chun Kuan Lee)
5c40e7b test: allows test_runner command line to receive parameters for each test (marcoagner)
fa4c867 rpc: Avoid creating non-standard raw transactions (MarcoFalke)
7d1b60c Cleanup SplashScreen class (Hennadii Stepanov)
b7df96f refactor: Drop boost::this_thread::interruption_point and boost::thread_interrupted in main thread (Chun Kuan Lee)
fa4fc88 validation: Add and use HaveTxsDownloaded where appropriate (MarcoFalke)
6bbdb20 squashme: connect thru node interface (João Barbosa)
a0f8df3 qt: Call noui_connect to prevent boost::signals2::no_slots_error in early calls to InitWarning (João Barbosa)
58c5cc9 Adjust configure so that only bip70 is disabled when protobuf is missing instead of the GUI (James Hilliard)
28479f9 qa: Test bitcond shutdown (João Barbosa)
8d3f46e http: Remove timeout to exit event loop (João Barbosa)
e98a9ee http: Remove unnecessary event_base_loopexit call (João Barbosa)
6b13580 http: Unlisten sockets after all workers quit (João Barbosa)
18e9685 http: Send "Connection: close" header if shutdown is requested (João Barbosa)
02e1e4e rpc: Add wait argument to stop (João Barbosa)
a67d713 [doc] point out that UniValue deviates from upstream (Sjors Provoost)
1ca0502 scripts: Add trusted key for Samuel Dobson (Wladimir J. van der Laan)
688f665 Scripts and tools & Docs: Used #!/usr/bin/env bash instead of obsolete #!/bin/bash, added linting for .sh files shebang and updated the Developer Notes. (vim88)
cf4b032 Use std::numeric_limits<UNSIGNED>::max()) instead of (UNSIGNED)-1 (practicalswift)
6b82fc5 Use const in COutPoint class (Hennadii Stepanov)
43f9099 scripted-diff: Run scripted-diff in subshell (Carl Dong)
fabca42 RPCHelpMan: Add space after colons in extended description (MarcoFalke)
fafd040 rpc: Add description to fundrawtransaction vout_index (MarcoFalke)
1db0096 rpc: Pass argument descriptions to RPCHelpMan (MarcoFalke)
b14948e Remove duplicate libconsensus linking in test make (Amir Abrams)
f3cf95f tests: Modify rpc_bind to conform to bitcoin#14532 behaviour. (Carl Dong)
48b37db make peertimeout a debug argument, remove error message translation (Zain Iqbal Allarakhia)
8042bbf p2p: allow p2ptimeout to be configurable, speed up slow test (Zain Iqbal Allarakhia)
af1ed20 Fix broken Gmane URLs (Craig Younkins)
4674610 Log env path in BerkeleyEnvironment::Flush (João Barbosa)
6c6ee8a Less confusing documentation for `torpassword` (Chakib Benziane)
2012d4d Add CScriptNum decode python implementation in functional suite (Gregory Sanders)
1c28feb qt: Remove hidden columns in coin control dialog (João Barbosa)
d3ecc3d travis: Save cache on build error (Chun Kuan Lee)
82d6c5a gui: Show watch-only eye instead of HD disabled (Chun Kuan Lee)
fe1ff50 Hide spendable label if priveate key is disabled (Chun Kuan Lee)
c5ed6e7 Move CheckBlock() call to critical section (Hennadii Stepanov)
bf2e010 uint256: Remove unnecessary crypto/common.h use (Karl-Johan Alm)
c1825b9 [tests] Add (John Newbery)
0fb2e69 CreateTransaction: Assume minimum p2sh-p2wpkh spend size for unknown change (Gregory Sanders)
b06483c Remove stale comment in CalculateMaximumSignedInputSize (Gregory Sanders)
4aabadb tests: have combine_logs default to most recent test dir (James O'Beirne)
fa5cef0 bench: Destroy wallet txs instead of leaking their memory (MarcoFalke)
4894133 Add missing lock in CNode::copyStats(...) (practicalswift)
b312cd7 Add missing locking annotations (practicalswift)
29aeed1 Bugfix: test/functional/mempool_accept: Ensure oversize transaction is actually oversize (Luke Dashjr)
6541d59 Add LSan suppression warnings (practicalswift)
ff7212e Add ASan Travis build (practicalswift)
ebd3bf2 Make test pass: Allow for expected Travis ASAN memory increase (practicalswift)
109699d Add release notes (Pieter Wuille)
b65326b Add matching descriptors to scantxoutset output + tests (Pieter Wuille)
16203d5 Add descriptors to listunspent and getaddressinfo + tests (Pieter Wuille)
9b2a25b Add tests for InferDescriptor and Descriptor::IsSolvable (Pieter Wuille)
225bf3e Add Descriptor::IsSolvable() to distinguish addr/raw from others (Pieter Wuille)
4d78bd9 Add support for inferring descriptors from scripts (Pieter Wuille)
c77f092 Fix descriptor_tests not checking ToString output of public descriptors (Russell Yanofsky)
fa739d4 qa: Add wallet_encryption error tests (MarcoFalke)
fa71eb5 Convert comments to thread safety annotations (MarcoFalke)
5a1f576 qa: clean up assert_memory_usage_stable utility (James O'Beirne)
0cf1632 qa: fix p2p_invalid_messages on macOS (James O'Beirne)
848077f clarify RPC rawtransaction documentation (Jameson Lopp)
e4eee7d Add Benchmark to test input de-duplication worst case (Jeremy Rubin)
af9a991 Fix detection of copyright holders (Cornelius Schumacher)
fa7d36b test: Move UBSAN suppressions to test/sanitizer_suppressions/ubsan (MarcoFalke)
fa36d4e travis: --disable-hardening for xenial thread sanitizer (MarcoFalke)
89bf196 travis: Run thread sanitizer (MarcoFalke)
60ae463 Fix `bitcoin-qt -version` output formatting (Hennadii Stepanov)
b81a186 GetPubKey: make sigdata const (Gregory Sanders)
f7beb95 remove redundant KeyOriginInfo access, already done in CreateSig (Gregory Sanders)
75a4bf6 Update to include RC version bumping (Andrew Chow)
04b0bc7 build: include rc number in version number (Andrew Chow)
895e6bb build: if VERSION_BUILD is non-zero, include it in the package version (Andrew Chow)
0c69ff6 clarify rpcwallet flag url change (Jordan Baczuk)
b7b36de fix uninitialized read when stringifying an addrLocal (Kaz Wesley)
8ebbef0 add test demonstrating addrLocal UB (Kaz Wesley)
fa5e045 rpc: Documentation fixups (MarcoFalke)
fa91e8e Use RPCHelpMan for all RPCs (MarcoFalke)
fa520e7 lint: Must use RPCHelpMan to generate the RPC docs (MarcoFalke)
8284756 A few minor formatting fixes and clarifications to (John Newbery)
3d2c7d6 Add regtest for JSON-RPC batch calls. (Daniel Kraft)
fa21ca0 test: Add BOOST_REQUIRE to getters returning optional (MarcoFalke)
d6cde00 rpcauth: Improve by using argparse and getpass modules (João Barbosa)
27c44ef rpcbind: Warn about exposing RPC to untrusted networks (Luke Dashjr)
d6a1287 CNetAddr: Add IsBindAny method to check for INADDR_ANY (Luke Dashjr)
3615003 net: Always default rpcbind to localhost, never "all interfaces" (Luke Dashjr)
69ca487 Implement prevector::fill once (Ben Woosley)
7bad78c Drop defunct IS_TRIVIALLY_CONSTRUCTIBLE handling from prevector.h (Ben Woosley)
3fb09b9 Warn unrecognized sections in the config file (Akio Nakamura)
fa7da06 qa: Check specific reject reasons in feature_block (MarcoFalke)
6be7d14 Properly generate salt in, update tests (Carl Dong)
feeef7d Do not specify sudo in .travis (Julian Fleischer)
5912031 wallet: Create IsDatabaseLoaded function (Chun Kuan Lee)
15c93f0 wallet: Add trailing wallet.dat when detecting duplicate wallet if it's a directory. (Chun Kuan Lee)
c456fbd Refactor: Move m_db pointers into BerkeleyDatabase (Russell Yanofsky)
e816b34 revert removal of fstream.hpp header in fs.h (Karl-Johan Alm)
c54e5a4 Remove unreferenced boost headers (Murray Nesbitt)
b08af10 disallow oversized CBlockHeaderAndShortTxIDs (Kaz Wesley)
6bed4b3 fix a deserialization overflow edge case (Kaz Wesley)
051faf7 add a test demonstrating an overflow in a deserialization edge case (Kaz Wesley)
07e286d Improve scripted-diff developer docs (Carl Dong)
9cc0230 Add NODISCARD to all {Decode,Parse}[...](...) functions returning bool. Sort includes. (practicalswift)
579497e tests: Explicitly ignore the return value of DecodeBase58(...) (practicalswift)
145fe95 tests: Check return value of ParseParameters(...) (practicalswift)
7c5bc2a miner: Default to DEFAULT_BLOCK_MIN_TX_FEE if unable to parse -blockmintxfee (practicalswift)
da427db Rename ListTransactions filter variable (Russell Yanofsky)
65b740f [wallet] Restore ability to list incoming transactions by label (Russell Yanofsky)
b4f6e58 Better error message for user when corrupt wallet unlock fails (MeshCollider)
86cddf0 doc: add detached release notes for bitcoin#14060 (mruddy)
ba8f0c6 Release notes: integrate detached release notes (David A. Harding)
6062f0e Release notes: update notes through to 11e1ac3 (David A. Harding)
2bc3f11 Bump the minimum Qt version to 5.2 (Hennadii Stepanov)
5c5902a build: Add bitcoin-tx.exe into Windows installer (Chun Kuan Lee)
fa0815c rpc: Correctly name arguments (Jon Layton)

Pull request description:

  Catching up with upstream commit 519b0bc.

Tree-SHA512: 2e0f768773c51a197a56cc4a7209fce306aeef2b44c82f8859e442684d89cb520b6b27812a451916bca0fac04f3c15e9005170a201eed202a24d4419f976957b
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