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Replace CAffectedKeysVisitor with descriptor based logic #14821

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Just for now

@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include <policy/rbf.h>
#include <primitives/block.h>
#include <primitives/transaction.h>
#include <script/descriptor.h>
#include <script/script.h>
#include <shutdown.h>
#include <timedata.h>
@@ -104,67 +105,17 @@ std::string COutput::ToString() const
return strprintf("COutput(%s, %d, %d) [%s]", tx->GetHash().ToString(), i, nDepth, FormatMoney(tx->tx->vout[i].nValue));

/** A class to identify which pubkeys a script and a keystore have in common. */
class CAffectedKeysVisitor : public boost::static_visitor<void> {
const CKeyStore &keystore;
std::vector<CKeyID> &vKeys;

* @param[in] keystoreIn The CKeyStore that is queried for the presence of a pubkey.
* @param[out] vKeysIn A vector to which a script's pubkey identifiers are appended if they are in the keystore.
CAffectedKeysVisitor(const CKeyStore &keystoreIn, std::vector<CKeyID> &vKeysIn) : keystore(keystoreIn), vKeys(vKeysIn) {}

* Apply the visitor to each destination in a script, recursively to the redeemscript
* in the case of p2sh destinations.
* @param[in] script The CScript from which destinations are extracted.
* @post Any CKeyIDs that script and keystore have in common are appended to the visitor's vKeys.
void Process(const CScript &script) {
txnouttype type;
std::vector<CTxDestination> vDest;
int nRequired;
if (ExtractDestinations(script, type, vDest, nRequired)) {
for (const CTxDestination &dest : vDest)
boost::apply_visitor(*this, dest);

void operator()(const CKeyID &keyId) {
if (keystore.HaveKey(keyId))

void operator()(const CScriptID &scriptId) {
CScript script;
if (keystore.GetCScript(scriptId, script))

void operator()(const WitnessV0ScriptHash& scriptID)
CScriptID id;
CRIPEMD160().Write(scriptID.begin(), 32).Finalize(id.begin());
CScript script;
if (keystore.GetCScript(id, script)) {

void operator()(const WitnessV0KeyHash& keyid)
CKeyID id(keyid);
if (keystore.HaveKey(id)) {
std::vector<CKeyID> GetAffectedKeys(const CScript& spk, const SigningProvider& provider)

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promag Nov 28, 2018


nit, static. Could also keep some comment.

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instagibbs Nov 28, 2018


Could even make it more specific with the updated behavior.

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Empact Dec 7, 2018


nit: script_pub_key would be a more readable arg name. Granted I’m a noob but I had to check the callers.

std::vector<CScript> dummy;
FlatSigningProvider out;
InferDescriptor(spk, provider)->Expand(0, DUMMY_SIGNING_PROVIDER, dummy, out);
std::vector<CKeyID> ret;
for (const auto& entry : out.pubkeys) {

template<typename X>
void operator()(const X &none) {}
return ret;

const CWalletTx* CWallet::GetWalletTx(const uint256& hash) const
@@ -977,9 +928,7 @@ bool CWallet::AddToWalletIfInvolvingMe(const CTransactionRef& ptx, const CBlockI
// loop though all outputs
for (const CTxOut& txout: tx.vout) {
// extract addresses and check if they match with an unused keypool key
std::vector<CKeyID> vAffected;
CAffectedKeysVisitor(*this, vAffected).Process(txout.scriptPubKey);
for (const CKeyID &keyid : vAffected) {
for (const auto& keyid : GetAffectedKeys(txout.scriptPubKey, *this)) {
std::map<CKeyID, int64_t>::const_iterator mi = m_pool_key_to_index.find(keyid);
if (mi != m_pool_key_to_index.end()) {
WalletLogPrintf("%s: Detected a used keypool key, mark all keypool key up to this key as used\n", __func__);
@@ -3693,7 +3642,6 @@ void CWallet::GetKeyBirthTimes(interfaces::Chain::Lock& locked_chain, std::map<C

// find first block that affects those keys, if there are any left
std::vector<CKeyID> vAffected;
for (const auto& entry : mapWallet) {
// iterate over all wallet transactions...
const CWalletTx &wtx = entry.second;
@@ -3703,14 +3651,12 @@ void CWallet::GetKeyBirthTimes(interfaces::Chain::Lock& locked_chain, std::map<C
int nHeight = pindex->nHeight;
for (const CTxOut &txout : wtx.tx->vout) {
// iterate over all their outputs
CAffectedKeysVisitor(*this, vAffected).Process(txout.scriptPubKey);
for (const CKeyID &keyid : vAffected) {
for (const auto &keyid : GetAffectedKeys(txout.scriptPubKey, *this)) {
// ... and all their affected keys
std::map<CKeyID, CBlockIndex*>::iterator rit = mapKeyFirstBlock.find(keyid);
if (rit != mapKeyFirstBlock.end() && nHeight < rit->second->nHeight)
rit->second = pindex;
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