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luke-jr commented Oct 4, 2011

This syntax has had plenty of time wasted arguing over whether it should be tolerated syntax; please don't bother wasting more time on that discussion. I can't force anyone to merge it, but I can at least make it easy for those who decide to tolerate it. Please keep in mind that it doesn't hurt the BTC-only URIs at all, and if nobody ends up using it for other units, it can always be removed later.
Best case scenario: people use it and bitcoin-qt works correctly
Worst case scenario: people don't use it, and it can be removed

For 5 cBTC, use: amount=5x6
For 5 mBTC, use: amount=5x5
For 5 μBTC, use: amount=5x2
For 5 Satoshis, use: amount=5x0

luke-jr commented Oct 5, 2011

As I said, this is not the place to waste time arguing for or against using it.


I wasnt, I was providing links to the previous arguments for people to see the history. Frankly, I couldnt care less whether or not this gets merged, I was just providing history.


No consensus that this is a good idea, closing.

@luke-jr luke-jr added a commit to bitcoinknots/bitcoin that referenced this pull request Jun 27, 2016
@luke-jr luke-jr Merge #553 bugfix_qt_uri_amount_parser 5f4905e
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