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Fix counting of sigops cost in mempool check #8364

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@@ -1047,6 +1047,34 @@ int64_t GetTransactionSigOpCost(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& i
return nSigOps;
/** Compute accurate total signature operation cost of a transaction. */
static int64_t GetAccurateTransactionSigOpCost(const CTransaction& tx, const CCoinsViewCache& inputs, int flags)
int64_t nSigOps = 0;
BOOST_FOREACH(const CTxIn& txin,
nSigOps += txin.scriptSig.GetSigOpCount(true);
BOOST_FOREACH(const CTxOut& txout, tx.vout)
nSigOps += txout.scriptPubKey.GetSigOpCount(true);
if (tx.IsCoinBase())
return nSigOps;
if (flags & SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH) {
nSigOps += GetP2SHSigOpCount(tx, inputs) * WITNESS_SCALE_FACTOR;
for (unsigned int i = 0; i <; i++)
const CTxOut &prevout = inputs.GetOutputFor([i]);
nSigOps += CountWitnessSigOps([i].scriptSig, prevout.scriptPubKey, i < tx.wit.vtxinwit.size() ? &tx.wit.vtxinwit[i].scriptWitness : NULL, flags);
return nSigOps;
@@ -1296,7 +1324,11 @@ bool AcceptToMemoryPoolWorker(CTxMemPool& pool, CValidationState& state, const C
// itself can contain sigops MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIGOPS is less than
// MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS; we still consider this an invalid rather than
// merely non-standard transaction.
if ((nSigOpsCost > MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIGOPS_COST) || (nBytesPerSigOp && nSigOpsCost > nSize * WITNESS_SCALE_FACTOR / nBytesPerSigOp))
// To avoid making certain bare-multisig transactions non-standard,
// the sigops are counted a second time
int64_t nAccurateSigOpsCost = GetAccurateTransactionSigOpCost(tx, view, STANDARD_SCRIPT_VERIFY_FLAGS);
if ((nSigOpsCost > MAX_STANDARD_TX_SIGOPS_COST) || (nBytesPerSigOp && nAccurateSigOpsCost > nSize * WITNESS_SCALE_FACTOR / nBytesPerSigOp))
return state.DoS(0, false, REJECT_NONSTANDARD, "bad-txns-too-many-sigops", false,
strprintf("%d", nSigOpsCost));
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