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BIP22: getblocktemplate #936

merged 2 commits into from Aug 13, 2012
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Just for now

@@ -1923,24 +1923,43 @@ Value getwork(const Array& params, bool fHelp)

Value getmemorypool(const Array& params, bool fHelp)
Value getblocktemplate(const Array& params, bool fHelp)
if (fHelp || params.size() > 1)
if (fHelp || params.size() != 1)
throw runtime_error(
"getmemorypool [data]\n"
"If [data] is not specified, returns data needed to construct a block to work on:\n"
"getblocktemplate [params]\n"
"If [params] does not contain a \"data\" key, returns data needed to construct a block to work on:\n"
" \"version\" : block version\n"
" \"previousblockhash\" : hash of current highest block\n"
" \"transactions\" : contents of non-coinbase transactions that should be included in the next block\n"
" \"coinbaseaux\" : data that should be included in coinbase\n"
" \"coinbasevalue\" : maximum allowable input to coinbase transaction, including the generation award and transaction fees\n"
" \"coinbaseflags\" : data that should be included in coinbase so support for new features can be judged\n"
" \"time\" : timestamp appropriate for next block\n"
" \"target\" : hash target\n"
" \"mintime\" : minimum timestamp appropriate for next block\n"
" \"curtime\" : current timestamp\n"
" \"mutable\" : list of ways the block template may be changed\n"
" \"noncerange\" : range of valid nonces\n"
" \"sigoplimit\" : limit of sigops in blocks\n"
" \"sizelimit\" : limit of block size\n"
" \"bits\" : compressed target of next block\n"
"If [data] is specified, tries to solve the block and returns true if it was successful.");
" \"height\" : height of the next block\n"
"If [params] does contain a \"data\" key, tries to solve the block and returns null if it was successful (and \"rejected\" if not)\n"
"See for full specification.");

if (params.size() == 0)
const Object& oparam = params[0].get_obj();
std::string strMode;
const Value& modeval = find_value(oparam, "mode");
if (modeval.type() == str_type)
strMode = modeval.get_str();
if (find_value(oparam, "data").type() == null_type)
strMode = "template";
strMode = "submit";

if (strMode == "template")
if (vNodes.empty())
throw JSONRPCError(-9, "Bitcoin is not connected!");
@@ -1985,38 +2004,93 @@ Value getmemorypool(const Array& params, bool fHelp)
pblock->nNonce = 0;

Array transactions;
BOOST_FOREACH(CTransaction tx, pblock->vtx) {
map<uint256, int64_t> setTxIndex;
int i = 0;
CTxDB txdb("r");
BOOST_FOREACH (CTransaction& tx, pblock->vtx)
uint256 txHash = tx.GetHash();
setTxIndex[txHash] = i++;

if (tx.IsCoinBase())

Object entry;

ssTx << tx;
entry.push_back(Pair("data", HexStr(ssTx.begin(), ssTx.end())));

transactions.push_back(HexStr(ssTx.begin(), ssTx.end()));
entry.push_back(Pair("hash", txHash.GetHex()));

MapPrevTx mapInputs;
map<uint256, CTxIndex> mapUnused;
bool fInvalid = false;
if (tx.FetchInputs(txdb, mapUnused, false, false, mapInputs, fInvalid))
entry.push_back(Pair("fee", (int64_t)(tx.GetValueIn(mapInputs) - tx.GetValueOut())));

Array deps;
BOOST_FOREACH (MapPrevTx::value_type& inp, mapInputs)
if (setTxIndex.count(inp.first))
entry.push_back(Pair("depends", deps));

int64_t nSigOps = tx.GetLegacySigOpCount();
nSigOps += tx.GetP2SHSigOpCount(mapInputs);
entry.push_back(Pair("sigops", nSigOps));


Object aux;
aux.push_back(Pair("flags", HexStr(COINBASE_FLAGS.begin(), COINBASE_FLAGS.end())));

uint256 hashTarget = CBigNum().SetCompact(pblock->nBits).getuint256();

static Array aMutable;
if (aMutable.empty())

Object result;
result.push_back(Pair("version", pblock->nVersion));
result.push_back(Pair("previousblockhash", pblock->hashPrevBlock.GetHex()));
result.push_back(Pair("transactions", transactions));
result.push_back(Pair("coinbaseaux", aux));
result.push_back(Pair("coinbasevalue", (int64_t)pblock->vtx[0].vout[0].nValue));
result.push_back(Pair("coinbaseflags", HexStr(COINBASE_FLAGS.begin(), COINBASE_FLAGS.end())));
result.push_back(Pair("time", (int64_t)pblock->nTime));
result.push_back(Pair("target", hashTarget.GetHex()));
result.push_back(Pair("mintime", (int64_t)pindexPrev->GetMedianTimePast()+1));
result.push_back(Pair("curtime", (int64_t)GetAdjustedTime()));
result.push_back(Pair("mutable", aMutable));
result.push_back(Pair("noncerange", "00000000ffffffff"));
result.push_back(Pair("sigoplimit", (int64_t)MAX_BLOCK_SIGOPS));
result.push_back(Pair("sizelimit", (int64_t)MAX_BLOCK_SIZE));
result.push_back(Pair("curtime", (int64_t)pblock->nTime));
result.push_back(Pair("bits", HexBits(pblock->nBits)));
result.push_back(Pair("height", (int64_t)(pindexPrev->nHeight+1)));

return result;
if (strMode == "submit")
// Parse parameters
CDataStream ssBlock(ParseHex(params[0].get_str()), SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION);
CDataStream ssBlock(ParseHex(find_value(oparam, "data").get_str()), SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION);
CBlock pblock;
ssBlock >> pblock;

return ProcessBlock(NULL, &pblock);
bool fAccepted = ProcessBlock(NULL, &pblock);

return fAccepted ? Value::null : "rejected";

throw JSONRPCError(-8, "Invalid mode");

Value getrawmempool(const Array& params, bool fHelp)
@@ -2128,7 +2202,7 @@ static const CRPCCommand vRPCCommands[] =
{ "getwork", &getwork, true },
{ "listaccounts", &listaccounts, false },
{ "settxfee", &settxfee, false },
{ "getmemorypool", &getmemorypool, true },
{ "getblocktemplate", &getblocktemplate, true },
{ "listsinceblock", &listsinceblock, false },
{ "dumpprivkey", &dumpprivkey, false },
{ "importprivkey", &importprivkey, false },
@@ -2736,7 +2810,7 @@ void JSONRequest::parse(const Value& valRequest)
if (valMethod.type() != str_type)
throw JSONRPCError(-32600, "Method must be a string");
strMethod = valMethod.get_str();
if (strMethod != "getwork" && strMethod != "getmemorypool")
if (strMethod != "getwork" && strMethod != "getblocktemplate")
printf("ThreadRPCServer method=%s\n", strMethod.c_str());

// Parse params
@@ -3015,6 +3089,7 @@ Array RPCConvertValues(const std::string &strMethod, const std::vector<std::stri
if (strMethod == "listtransactions" && n > 2) ConvertTo<boost::int64_t>(params[2]);
if (strMethod == "listaccounts" && n > 0) ConvertTo<boost::int64_t>(params[0]);
if (strMethod == "walletpassphrase" && n > 1) ConvertTo<boost::int64_t>(params[1]);
if (strMethod == "getblocktemplate" && n > 0) ConvertTo<Object>(params[0]);
if (strMethod == "listsinceblock" && n > 1) ConvertTo<boost::int64_t>(params[1]);
if (strMethod == "sendmany" && n > 1) ConvertTo<Object>(params[1]);
if (strMethod == "sendmany" && n > 2) ConvertTo<boost::int64_t>(params[2]);
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