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Bitcoin 21 V1.0

Bitcoin 21 Digital Currency V1.0 (Tickers X21 / XBTC21 )

Bitcoin 21 (or 21 for short) is a 7th Anniversary advanced Bitcoin variant celebrating 7 years of the blockchain. Bitcoin 21 is the culmination of over 2 years research in digital currencies to create the perfect digital currency with the perfect ethical, moral, commercial and environmentally friendly components.


Bitcoin 21 features the very latest POW/POS technology and advances the original bitcoin blockchain with unique specifications which make it the perfect digital currency, these include;

21 million Pow coins Bitcoin 21 features 21 million maximum proof of work coins.

Pow/Pos Hybrid This allows the coin to be mined from the source until 21 million have been mined (proof of work) at which point the coin will switch automatically to 100% Pos (proof of stake). The hybrid coin also means that any coins mined and stored in the wallet during its lifetime will create an additional stake.

SHA256 Algo Uses the same cryptographically secure algorithm as the original Bitcoin blockchain.


21 Million POW Coins 210 Second Blocks (3.5 minutes) 21 Coin Block Reward Block reward halving 350,0000 Min stake age: 21 days Max stake age: 30 days Yearly POS interest: 0.0021% Block size: 2.1MB

Wallets On Launch Linux (Ubuntu) Mac (OSX) Windows (7,8,10)

Block Explore Block explorer available on launch.

Premine Three batches of 2.1 million coins (6.3 million in total) have been allocated as part of the premine, a large proportion of which are locked for a minimum period of 5 years (with the exception of batch 3 which is designed to help prevent further destruction of the planet and provide some respite from poverty).

Batch 1(2.1 million) Batch 1 premine includes;

1 million capital balance held for a minimum of 5 years by the 21 team (the same as the original Bitcoin) 1.1 million IPO/ICO available for sale up to the point of inclusion on the first exchange

Batch 2(2.1 million) Batch 2 premine incudes; 1 million capital balance held for a minimum of 5 years for UK/HM Treasury with no cash out option 1.1 million capital balance held for a minimum of 5 years for other UN/accepting countries with no cash out option

Batch 3(2.1 million) Batch 3 premine includes; 1 million capital balance held for conservation/humanitarian organisations to carry out global work 1.1 million capital balance held for airdrop to people in countries where extreme poverty and homelessness are problematic

More information in due course.


Bitcoin 21 Digital Currency V1.0




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