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2019-05-15 Upgrade Testnet

On May 15, 2019 the Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a planned protocol upgrade, as part of a series of regularly scheduled network upgrades. The changes have been specified and implemented three months prior to upgrade activation in order to permit the ecosystem to prepare well in advance.

To assist technical preparations for the upgrade, a testnet is available where the upgrade features can be trialed and tested. Node implementations, wallets, businesses and services built on the Bitcoin Cash network can use this testnet to ensure compatibility, or to get started building products to make use of the upgrade features. This document outlines the information needed to participate in this upgrade testnet.

Upgrade Testnet Parameters

Fork time: 1550505000 (February 18, 2019 15:50:00 UTC)

Last old-rules block hash (height=1286694, mediantime=1550505775): 00000000d80feb3c564957459688819edcb499e62f584fe314327de51e1bb87e

First new-rules block hash (height=1286695): 00000000ddd282493abd33df4747ac9793851c073534dbb17d596fe184de6d32

First Schorr-containing block hash (height=1286698): 0000000038067b3b52bdf8f3caa578b5b892595b80703e9f0de5d0dbd4012054

Set up a node

Run Bitcoin ABC 0.19.0 with:

bitcoin-qt -testnet -greatwallactivationtime=1550505000

Alternatively as bitcoin.conf file:


You should also run this to avoid soft-forking back onto normal testnet:

bitcoin-cli -testnet invalidateblock 000000000000016b7bf51c69b14fbe0ade601186c4f15f16524598e17f4b0bc2

Other services

Miners: to user: (testnet address) password:(anything)

Electrumx server: will follow the bitcoind.

Electron Cash Schnorr edition: (only produces schnorr sigs)

Insight API: (try )

Explorer: (try )


To communicate and coordinate with other Upgrade Testnet users, you can join the Testing Workgroup and its associated Telegram Group.

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