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Contributing to Bitcoin Classic

The Bitcoin project operates an open contributor model where anyone is welcome to contribute towards development in the form of peer review, testing and changes. This document explains the practical process and guidelines for contributing.


In the Classic project all contributions are valuable and everyone can contribute. Contributions are valued based on how well they fit in the project goals and spirit. It helps to socialize with the Classic people if you are unsure what those are.

To contribute to the codebase you can make a github "pull request". This process is described in githubs documentation.

In classic we follow the well known git branching model where we have a stable and a development branch, called master.

1.3 (stable branch)

Any merge request to this branch is meant to go into the next release. Any commits made here will be merged into the master branch by a volunteer.

This is the stable branch for a reason, we essentially should be able to release from this branch fairly quickly at any time. So no unfinished code reaches this branch.

Master branch

The master branch is where your merge requests go for finished stuff, that you want the world to see and that you want others to work on. But may take a bit more time to stabilize.

The basic idea is that we accept pull requests rather optimistically. The aim is to merge quickly often and follow up on changes should they have issues, don't be afraid to fix other peoples code and don't take it personally if someone else makes a change to your feature.

The Stable branch is where bugfixes go, after plenty of review. And in Git terminology that branch is free to merge into yours.

To be aware of;

The project coding conventions in doc/ must be adhered to.

In general commits should be atomic and diffs should be easy to read. For this reason do not mix any formatting fixes or code moves with actual code changes.

Commit messages follow the git standard.
This means a single line, short comment. A blank line and then a detailed description below, if needed.

Please refer to the Git manual for more information about Git.

Pull Request Philosophy

Patchsets should always be focused. For example, a pull request could add a feature, fix a bug, or refactor code; but not a mixture. Please also avoid super pull requests which attempt to do too much, are overly large, or overly complex as this makes review difficult.