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The newsletter is published weekly, on Wednesdays, around 15:00 UTC. Typically a pull request for the newsletter is opened the Saturday before publishing. Any review of the newsletter PRs is appreciated. However, feedback received after Tuesday UTC may not be incorporated due to time constraints.

Compatibility Matrix Data

The compatibility matrix section of the website is built from YAML files located in _data/compatibility/. The compatibility images (usability screenshots, logos) are located in img/compatibility/ with sub-folders for each wallet or service. These files are free for anyone to repurpose/republish elsewhere.

We welcome pull requests to the compatibility matrix, including testing the latest versions of previously tested services/wallets, adding notable usability screenshots, or adding new service/wallet tests.

When contributing changes to the compatibility matrix data files, review and adhere to the YAML schema located in _data/schemas/compatibility.yaml.

If you believe any of the data in the compatibility matrix is incorrect, you can also submit an issue detailing what is wrong and how to correct it.

If you want to request a new service or wallet be evaluated, or a new test that you think is useful, please also submit an issue.

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