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Bitcoin Royale

What is Bitcoin Royale?

Bitcoin Royale is a proposal for a digital currency based on Bitcoin which is focused on creating the best possible store of value and addressing the problem of theft.

For more information, read the original whitepaper. For discussions about the whitepaper and the protocol, see this repository.

Coin name BTCR
Premine / ICO none
Total number of coins 21,000,000 BTCR (like Bitcoin)
Initial block reward 175 BTCR (full schedule)
Average block time 10 minutes (like Bitcoin)
Algorithm SHA256 PoW (like Bitcoin)


This example implementation of the Bitcoin Royale protocol is based on a fork of Bitcoin Core. Similarly, it is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development Process

Bitcoin Royale is an open community project. Anyone in the community can make suggestions regarding modifications and offer a reference implementation. Miners and full nodes ultimately choose whether to accept these changes and upgrade.

The contribution workflow is described in and useful hints for developers can be found in doc/


Testing code modifications is critical before adopting any proposed codebase changes. You have the responsibility to test and verify that the code behaves according to the well accepted protocol. To assist with this process, see


For build and installation instructions, see The file also contains the main differences in naming from Bitcoin Core, such as broyaled instead of bitcoind.

Fair Play

Similar to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Royale is a decentralized community-driven project. The authors of this reference implemntation provide no guarantees to its completeness, accuracy or future roadmap. You may become a member of the community by working on your own reference implementation or participating as a contributor on this one.


Bitcoin Royale node reference implementation in C++ (based on Bitcoin Core)




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