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A simple guide on how to install a BTCT staking node on a raspberry Pi with a CLI Daemon, to run 24/7 as an active node on the BTCT network. Our hard-cap goal is initially 1000 RasPi's to be running. Help make this happen and get involved!
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Bitcoin Token Raspberry Pi CLI Daemon Setup Guide


The following guide will provide the steps needed to run a Bitcoin Token node on your Raspberry Pi computer.

Hardware and Operating System

Recommended hardware: - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – Kingston Canvas React™ 32GB microSD card – 8-Port Desktop USB Charger Charging Station – Short USB Cable, (the 10 pack is a good value) - 1 foot ethernet (the 10 pack is a good value)

If you do not have an OS loaded on your SD card for your Raspberry Pi computer, then you need to download the image file for Rasbian and write it to your SD card.

Rasbian Download:

To write the downloaded image file to your SD card you will need this software: (follow the steps in the software)

Download and Install

Step 1: Open the Terminal Window

To open the terminal on most Raspberry Pi devices, click on the 4th icon to the left on the top bar.

The remaining steps will all be within the terminal window.

Step 2: Download the tarball


Step 3: Untar the downloaded repository

tar xzf btct-1.1-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz

Step 4: Copy the files to the local bin. Requires sudo

sudo cp -R btct-1.1/bin/* /usr/local/bin/

Step 5: Create the default config file and add the command to start as daemon.

mkdir ~/.btct && touch ~/.btct/btct.conf && echo "daemon=1" > ~/.btct/btct.conf

Step 6: Start the BTCT daemon.


The daemon will start and the blockchain will begin to download. Your wallet will be established also.

If you want to watch the progress or monitor the blocks, you can monitor the debug.log.

tail -f ~/.btct/debug.log

If you would like the node daemon to start with the computer, you can add the following command to your crontab.

Open the Crontab

crontab -e

Add the following entry

@reboot /usr/local/bin/btctd

CLI Commands

Utilizing the functionality of the wallet when the node is running as a daemon is very easy. Below you will find some popular commands that can help you fully utilize your wallet and all features you can find in a GUI version.

btct-cli help
btct-cli getinfo
btct-cli getbalance
btct-cli getnewaddress ""
btct-cli sendtoaddress BSomeBTCTAddress 10000
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