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BitCom Core integration/staging repository

BitCom Core is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a primary focus on energy-efficiency and scalabilty. The BitCom Network makes use of only Proof-of-Stake mining, in the form of masternodes and staking. This means that the BitCom blockchain has a very low impact on the environment and ensures that scaling will be a smooth transition in future.

Furthermore, as result of offering multiple ways for users to mint new BIC coins, the network is a lot less centralized than some Proof-of-Work coins that have their hashrates dominated by one or two mining pools.

Coin Specs

Block times: - 2 minutes

Maximum supply: - 21,000,000 (21 million) BIC

Consensus mechanism: - Proof-of-Stake (80% masternodes, 20% stakers)

Algorithm: - Quark-hash

Masternode collateral - 2,500 BIC

Features: - SwiftTX, budget, treausury and masternode governance is enabled

RPC Port: - 29999

P2P Port: - 30000

Block reward breakdown

Premine : 210,000 BIC (1%)

Block 200 - 10,000 - 25 BIC

Block 10,001 - 500,000 - 12.5 BIC

Block 500,001 - 1,500,000 - 6.25 BIC

Block 1,500,001 + - 3.12 BIC

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