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Level Editor


This level editor has been developed for creating all the levels of the game Jelly Arcade available on Android and iOS.

Getting started

The Level Editor has been build with WPF, so it runs only on Windows.

To build the Level Editor, the simplest way is to execute the Build.bat script in the root folder.

You can also open the solution in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, available for free, and build it.

Then you can either run it from Visual Studio, or execute bin/Release/LevelEditor.exe

The folder [root]/Documentation contains documentation explaining a bit more how to use the Level Editor.


Editor project files

We included sample project files in the folder SampleProject/LevelEditorSettings

Open the file SampleProject.settings it in the editor via the menu File/Load Project.

You should see some components being loaded in the left-hand side panel Components, as well as a few Game Board Elements on the right-hand side panel.

Then you can load the sample level file SampleLevel.bytes located in the folder SampleProject/Assets/Levels via the menu File/Open

Once loaded, the first block of the level should be displayed automatically. The level file contains two blocks, you can browse them using the drop-down selector above the editor workspace.

Level Editor Sample

Unity 3D project

This folder also contains a Unity project showing how to import level files within Unity 3D.

Please refer to the readme file in this folder for more information.

Future work

The editor does not have undo/redo feature.

For now we implemented an auto-backup feature to avoid too much lose in case of crash.


Game independent Level Editor tool




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