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Crazyflie 2.X NRF51 firmware CI

Source code of the firmware running in the Crazyflie 2.X nRF51822. This microcontroller has a couple of roles:

  • Power management (ON/OFF logic and battery handling)
  • Radio communication
    • Enhanced Shockburst compatible with Crazyradio (PA)
    • Bluetooth low energy using the Nordic Semiconductor S130 stack
  • One-wire memory access

Building and Flashing

See the building and flashing instructions in the github docs folder.

Official Documentation

Check out the Bitcraze crazyflie2-nrf-firmware documentation on our website.


Go to the contribute page on our website to learn more.

Test code for contribution

Run the automated build locally to test your code



Most of the code is licensed under LGPL-3.0.

Some files under src/ble/ are modified from Nordic semiconductor examples.