Crazyradio firmware, programming scripts and driver.
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Bitcraze Crazyradio dongle Build Status

Source code and tools for the Bitcraze Crazyradio USB dongle.

See bitcraze wiki for more information about Crazyradio and the USB protocol used.

Folders content:

  • firmware: The firmware source code
  • nrfProg: SPI programmer that uses jtagkey USB adapter
  • usbtools: Python scripts to reset and bootload Crazyradio from command line
  • lib: Software libraries to use Crazyradio with Python
  • fix_bootloader: Script to revive a Crazyradio

Building the firmware


  • SDCC
  • Binutils (needs objcopy)

On Ubuntu this can be installed with:

sudo apt-get install sdcc binutils

On Mac (using homebrew):

brew install sdcc
brew install binutils
ln -s /usr/local/bin/gobjcopy /usr/local/bin/objcopy

To build the firmware you should navigate to the firmware directory.

Build for Crazyradio

make CRPA=0

Build for Crazyradio PA

make CRPA=1

Flashing the Firmware

To flash the firmware run the following from the firmware directory:

python ../usbtools/
sudo python ../usbtools/ flash bin/cradio.bin

After flashing successfully, you need to replug the Crazyradio. More details are in the wiki.