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Loco Positioning System Tools Build Status Build status

Tools to configure the Loco Positioning System

This tool is still very much work in progress

Running instruction

This is a python package that requires python 3.4+ and pip. If you are running in Linux use pip3 instead of pip. For windows and mac-OS any distribution of Python 3.4 or later should work.

To install for development (will use the files in the repos folder):

pip3 install -e .[pyqt5]

On linux, if you have installed pyqt5 using some other package manager

pip3 install -e .

To run the GUI:

python3 -m lpstools

Building for Windows

It is possible to build a windows executable of the tool. This allows to distribute the LPS tool without requiring a python installation.

To build the windows executable, you should first have the LPS tool working on Windows. The you can build:

pip install cx_freeze
python build

The final result is in the folder build\exe.win32-3.6.

Building installer for Windows

Once the Windows executable is built, you can build the Windows installer. Building the installer requires the nsis installer.

To build the installer:

cd win32install

This will generate the file lpstools.nsi, it can be used to generate the installer using the nsis compiler:

makensis lpstools.nsi

The tooolbelt

If you do not want to install python tools natively you can use the toolbelt instead. See the github repository.

Coding style

We use tools to automatically check the code style on the build server (travis). To see what we check for take a look in the .pre-commit-config.yaml file, it contains a list of all plugins that are running.

To run all checks:

  • with native tools
tox  # You can also run 'pre-commit run --all-files' to check without virtual environment
  • with the toolbelt
tb verify

Unit testing

  • with native tools
  • with the toolbelt
tb test