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Blockchain Digital Asset Management Service Engine

The digital asset allocation of the blockchain has developed from the early Geek to the stage where the public investors understand and participate initially today, which is great development. Yet it can still be witnessed that there are plenty of problems and deficiencies in the digital asset investment allocation of the blockchain as well as in the services, and some are even directly opposed to the idea of blockchain. What the blockchain pursues is disintermediation and transparency; nevertheless, in the early investment process of digital assets, numerous activities of relying on intermediaries, relying on people, relying on information sources, intransparency, etc. are found, which involve a lot of risks. And the later asset allocation is also blank. Facing the digital asset market that may be worth up to 10 trillion dollars in the future, the value in the digital asset management is great. An explosion of the demand for asset management and standardized service process besides transaction and payment is foreseeable, which serves to promote the industry ecosystem. The blockchain technology will surely transform and penetrate into all trades and professions, however, its technology, talent and service still stay at the early stage. Many projects require the various services, technology and tools, which are needed by the development from project planning to later execution, to meet the needs of the application of the blockchain and the upgrade to the era of the blockchain.

Taking good use of the advantages accumulated in the fields of the distributed technology, Internet technology, investment, finance, media, and based on the existing blockchain technology, BitCV works on the improvement as well as the research and development of the underlying, and by focusing on the development of High efficient cross-chain exchange technology, form the underlying asset management chain, then further hatch the upper application development platform, so that the technology tools and services that are needed by investment and financing and asset management process can be acquired. This will not only serve the item side, but also serve investors, and meanwhile this is beneficial to the construction of the digital asset management system in diversified ways, and strives to build the No.1 service engine and platform of the blockchain digital asset management. BCV Token, as the underlying token of the digital asset management service engine, serves the BitCV economic system, and is used to pay the fees of service and platform licensing in the process of the digital asset management and service, including the service charge of point-to-point in the decentralization.


Blockchain Digital Asset Management Service Engine



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