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JavaScript tracking library for Bitdeli
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JavaScript tracking library for Bitdeli

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See the complete Bitdeli documentation at


Please note: The following instructions are intended for developers contributing to this library. To use the library to track events on your website please refer to the official documentation.

This library uses the Ender package manager to compile multiple modules to one distributable file. To install the latest version of Ender, run the following npm command (you may have to use sudo to install the package globally):

[sudo] npm install ender -g

These build instructions have been tested to work on version 1.0.0 of the ender package.

To build and compile the library and its dependencies, run the included Makefile:


This will automatically download and install the required Ender packages under the node_modules subfolder.

After the build process is complete, both a development build and a minified production build can be found in the build subfolder.


To suggest a feature or report a bug, visit the Issues page.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2013 Bitdeli Inc.

MIT License

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