Mixpanel events & properties aggregated by hour
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Mixpanel Hourly

Raw events from Mixpanel, aggregated by hour.

  • Source: Mixpanel Data Export API

  • Historical data: All historical data.

  • Retention:
    • Premium: 365 days of properties and inactive users.
    • Advanced: 90 days of properties and inactive users.
    • Basic: 30 days of properties and inactive users.

    Inactive users who have not produced any events for the last N days, where N depends on the plan as defined above, are purged from profiles.

    Correspondingly, hourly-stats for properties, as defined below, contain statistics for the last N days depending on the plan.

    Note that all plans include unlimited hourly-stats for events.

  • Schema:
        "properties": {
            "property-type": {
                "property-value": hourly-stats
        "events": {
           "event-type": hourly-stats

    where hourly-stats is a :mod:`bitdeli.lazylist` containing (hour, count) pairs. Note that only the ten newest property-values are stored for each property-type. For instance, the last 10 countries where the user has used the application.

  • Update interval: 24 hours (limited by the Mixpanel Data Export API)

  • Code: bitdeli/profile-mixpanel-hourly