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BitDevs Amsterdam

Simple Jekyll site for hosting all of the links from meetups past and future.


You'll need Ruby & Jekyll to run the site locally. Once they're setup:

  • Clone the repository and go into the directory
  • Run bundle install
  • Run jekyll serve
  • Go to http://localhost:4000

Making a Post

To make a new post, make a new file in _posts/ with a title of YYYY-MM-DD-title-goes-here. At the top of the file you'll want to provide the following information:

layout: post # Always post
type: socratic # or whitepaper for a whitepaper series
title: "Name of the Post"
meetup:[event id here]/

After that, it's just simple markdown. The site will auto-generate the rest.

Changing Site Data

All site configurations are either contained in _config.yml or _data/settings.yml. Some data is duplicated between the two due to the way Jekyll injects variables, so be sure to update both.


Thanks to LeNPaul for the Jekyll starter kit this was forked from.