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This tree contains the BLHeli assembly code for sensorless brushless motor electronic speed control (ESC) boards.
It is designed specifically for use with Eflite mCP X, but may also be used on other copters/planes.
This tree contains AVR assembly code for Atmel MCU based ESCs.
Features and Changes
- Can be configured for main motor or tail motor operation
- Main motor operation has governor functionality
- Many parmeters can be programmed from the TX
- Supports 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz or 8kHz positive or negative pwm as input signal
Supported Hardware
- HC 5A
- Walkera WK-WST-10A-LT
- Feigao 6A
Installation and use
The software is written, compiled and debugged in the AVR Studio 4 IDE.
For more information, check out this thread: