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BLHeli_32 info page

BLHeli_32 downloads

You can find BLHeliSuite32 here:
or here:
And the Android APP on Google Play:
For users in regions where Google is not available, you can download the ".apk" file in the
"BLHeli_32 Android APP" folder to your phone or tablet and open it. This will install the APP.

BLHeli_32 manual

You can find the manual in the link above: BLHeli_32 manual ARM Rev32.x.pdf

Test code

BLHeli_32 Rev32.6.2 test code is published in the "BLHeli_32 Test code Rev32.6.2 hex files" directory

  • Added real time signal line telemetry (for Dshot and Proshot input)
  • Added telemetry trig for PWM input (pulse <30us for 1-2ms PWM, Oneshot125 and Oneshot42)
  • Added capability of Dshot2400 and improved accuracy of Proshot
  • Some smaller fixes

Discussion threads

For more information, check out these threads: (for BLHeli_32) (for the BLHeli_32 Android APP)